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Use our free Management & HR tools to improve your business and create more profit through a highly engaged and motivated team.

Define your ideal employee

There are some basics that dictate whether an employee will excel. Fundamentally their job preferences, personality and general mental ability must be congruent with the requirements of the job they are to do.

Are you about to hire a new employee? Or have existing employees you're concerned about? Or just curious about how to go about matching jobs and people?

Slide the sliders and read the accompanying text to define exactly what kind of person you need to excel in a particular role.

Health check your practices

Research suggests that there are five HR management practices criteria which, if optimised, will enable an organisation to excel.

Those five span how a firm recruits, how its managers lead, how it rewards performance, how it develops its people for the future and how it manages those who fall short of expectations.

Complete this questionnaire now and get instant results. Your results will show you the areas of management that you might like to think about improving.

Grow your people

Managers need to make and agree plans to develop their staff. This FREE tool allows managers to do this.

The process of work involves determining what competency levels are needed by a jobholder in each of eight all-encompassing competencies to achieve a required performance. The manager can then determine the jobholder’s current levels in each. Development activities can then be discussed and agreed to develop the jobholder from current level to required level in each competency.

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