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Staff development needs planning. A jobholder is today somewhere on a competency scale. And tomorrow they need to be somewhere else – developed, able to do new things at new levels.

This tool allows managers to determine the level of competency held today in each of eight all-encompassing competencies. All jobs can be reduced to those eight.

The jobholder’s competencies can be rated in one of four levels – trainee, supervised practitioner, practitioner and expert. No job needs the jobholder to be expert in all eight competencies. All will be trainee in something!

For development, jobholders need to grow, rising up one or even two levels within a development period.

This tool allows plans to be made. And there’s space to note down the actions agreed in order to achieve the development needed. The resulting personal development plan can be printed off and used in the business to manage the jobholder’s development.

How to use this tool

For each job, drag the bar to the required level for each competency for adequate performance. Use your mouse to float over the level titles to see the level definition.

Click to suggest how you believe the levels should rise in order to raise abilities of the jobholder.

Work with the jobholder, taking account of their opinion.

Once you have agreed the development needed, indicated by change in level of each competency, discuss and agree the developmental action needed. Type the agreed actions in the space provided under the horizontal scales.

You have now agreed a plan. Click ‘get my results’. Print off the results and give a copy to the jobholder.

These instructions are basic. You should read widely on this website about staff development to understand the complete picture. If you need help understanding the process or in planning development, get in touch. We are also able to implement competency frameworks as development tools specifically for your organisation and your jobs.

Enterprising and Performing

Focuses on results and achieving personal work objectives. Works best when work is related closely to results and the impact of personal efforts is obvious. Shows an understanding of business, commerce, and finance. Seeks opportunities for self-development and career advancement.

Improve from Trainee to Supervised Practitioner

Creating and Conceptualizing

Works well in situations requiring openness to new ideas and experiences. Seeks out learning opportunities. Handles situations and problems with innovation and creativity. Thinks broadly and strategically. Supports and drives organizational change.

Improve from Trainee to Supervised Practitioner

Analyzing and Interpreting

Shows evidence of clear analytical thinking. Gets to the heart of complex problems and issues. Applies own expertise effectively. Quickly takes on new technology. Communicates well in writing.

Improve from Trainee to Supervised Practitioner

Organizing and Executing

Plans ahead and works in a systematic and organized way. Follows directions and procedures. Focuses on customer satisfaction and delivers a quality service or product to the agreed standards.

Improve from Trainee to Supervised Practitioner

Leading and Deciding

Takes control and exercises leadership. Initiates action, gives direction, and takes responsibility.

Improve from Trainee to Supervised Practitioner

Supporting and Cooperating

Supports others and shows respect and positive regard for them insocial situations. Puts people first, working effectively with individuals and teams, clients, and staff. Behaves consistently with clear personal values that complement those of the organization.

Improve from Trainee to Supervised Practitioner

Interacting and Presenting

Communicates and networks effectively. Successfully persuades and influences others. Relates to others in a confident, relaxed manner.

Improve from Trainee to Supervised Practitioner

Adapting and Coping

Adapts and responds well to change. Manages pressure effectively and copes well with setbacks.

Improve from Trainee to Supervised Practitioner

Using the tool isn't the whole story - put in place some changes to get the most out of your people.