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Evidence-based organisation change …

… helping managers excel

There’s one certain thing about change – nothing is certain. But the sure way to maximise the chance of your desires coming good is to make robust plans that are based on high quality models of the future which embrace evidence.

Change starts with strategy. Strategy sounds like this: because A has a problem with B, we reckon that if we do C to D, we’ll realise E. A through E are to be determined in your change plans.

You need evidence that A has a problem with B. And that if indeed you do C to D, you will likely realise outcome E. Then generally, C requires your staff to be reorganised and provided with the necessary technology to influence D. But how? With what? You could speculate. Or you could model.

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Evidence-based personnel development …

… helping managers excel

The case for personnel development is easily made. It enhances the firm’s capability, improves each employee’s productivity and motivates them to perform. And it enables job satisfaction. Employees then engage with their job, becoming further motivated to achieve.

But how do you do it? It’s not just sending folk on courses. This on its own is always a poor return on investment.

You need evidence to answer the questions of what and where. What would you have your folk develop in? And then where – what sort of development, run by whom, and targeted at what learning?

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Evidence-based recruitment and selection…

…helping managers excel

OK. You want to hire someone. What do you tell the recruitment agent when he or she calls to take a ‘brief’? You’re offered a load of CVs by the recruitment agent. Which of those do you interview? You’ll call some for interview. What do you ask them, and what will their answers tell you? And which, on interviewing, do you select as your new employees, and why?

No manager has the experience necessary to make a good personnel selection decision. Even 30 years of hiring is insufficient. Even having hired 1,000 employees is not enough. All managers must therefore build and follow a process based on selection criteria built directly from the characteristics needed for the jobholder to perform in the job. All managers must gather evidence on which to base hiring decisions.


Management mentoring …

… helping managers excel

To excel as a manager, you need to take people-oriented decisions and implement people-management initiatives with confidence. But it's not always easy when you’ve not experienced the issues you face before and hence are unsure of how to proceed.

You need to make good quality decisions, basing your decisions on evidence and due consideration of the impact your action (or lack of) will have on your team and the wider work environment. This is where evidence-based mentoring comes in. Mentoring works in all parts of a manager’s working life.

Our 12-month programme has been designed to support you and help you grow as a manager. We’ll help you determine where you are going. We’ll help you gather evidence before considering options. We help you determine the impact of your chosen action. We’ll help you consider other options that might achieve the results you strive for. We won’t give you a detailed plan of how to achieve – but we’ll help you develop your own plan.

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