Our Latest BookBecause Your People Matter Ad

An integrated handbook for managers, entrepreneurs and leaders. With reflection and practical models that turn theory into practice.

Many proclaim the value of leaders. Many revere entrepreneurs, as if that’s all that’s needed. And yet someone – the manager – must embrace leadership and be entrepreneurial while building and running the firm to meet stakeholder expectations.

The manager configures the firm, hires the people, organises the people and the technology, motivates, develops and rewards the people, looks after their wellbeing and drives change, ultimately transferring the firm to a new future.

This book details how management of the SME should be done. It builds practical models that managers can follow to get the very best out of their human resource.

Sue Berry

Over the past 30 years Sue has led the human resource function in several firms, heading up and driving organisational improvement and change across chemicals, aerospace, education and charities sectors in four continents. She has been instrumental in shaping relationships between people and organisations in pursuit of growth and prosperity for all. Sue is an alumna of Newcastle University, De Montfort University and the Open University in education, human resource management and psychology & economics. She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and has Qualified Teacher Status.

Over the past six years Sue has supported several hundred SME managers, delivering HR support and change projects.

Sue is Chair of Governors at Newick School and she mentors students at the University of Sussex.

For more see Sue's LinkedIn profile.

John Berry

John is an alumnus of Loughborough University, the Open University Business School and Birkbeck, University of London, in engineering, management and organisational psychology. He has run technology and engineering companies and led R&D activities in SMEs and multi-nationals over the past 30 years. He has been instrumental in driving corporate and public policy across technology and engineering for firms and governments. In a global career, John has led teams in 32 countries. He is a Chartered Manager and a Chartered Engineer.

As a consultant, John has helped several hundred managers achieve business change by delivering organisational development projects.

John is a guest lecturer at the University of Sussex on the Management MSc and is a STEM Ambassador.

For more see John's LinkedIn profile.

A Quality Firm

Quality is doing what you say you will. It’s agreeing the work and methods with the client beforehand.

Quality is zero-defects. In pursuit of this, we embrace project review, internal audit, peer review and work inspection.

We embrace those principles in our quality policy and procedures.

TimelessTime achieved its certification to ISO9001:2008 in 2010 and transitioned to ISO9001:2015 in 2016 and sustains compliant processes.

Accredited Professionals

TimelessTime consultants are accredited as having achieved Chartered Fellow status with either the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development or the Chartered Management Institute . Both represent the highest status that can be achieved in management of people and finance.

Both institutes demand, and confirm by inquisitorial assessment, that Chartered Fellows keep their skills and knowledge at the forefront through continued professional development.

Our Quality Policy

We will always comprehensively describe our interpretation of our client’s requirements in our quotations. Once agreed, client requirements will inform internal Method Statements and Statements of Work to guide project activities.

Prior to delivery, we will review deliverables to ensure their compliance with client requirements. Prior to delivery, we will review deliverables to ensure that they are fit for the purpose intended.

Our consultants will be encouraged to continually develop their skills and knowledge, retaining World-class qualifications and experience. We will ensure that our clients are aware of the lead consultant responsible for supporting them project-by-project. We will also ensure that our clients have access to those consultants whenever needed.

We will utilise efficient business systems to manage client contact and client projects. On those projects, we will use robust, evidence-backed methods. We will merge business and quality systems to ensure a cross-company quality culture.

In all contacts, we aim to leave clients and potential clients more informed following their dealings with TimelessTime.