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It’s important that ample attention is given to the team’s personal development. By contracting career coaching to TimelessTime, each person has grown their skills and knowledge to meet both company and personal aspirations.

Neil Edwards, CEO, The Marketing Eye Ltd

We have found TimelessTime a valuable resource to get answers to HR questions quickly and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend their advisory services.

John Brasch, CEO, Turun UK Ltd
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A practical guide to Company Sick Pay

Written 22nd April 2021. 6 min read

Most UK Government employees get full wages paid when sick. Some private sector firms have realised that to attract and retain key staff, they must do similar. But in reality few can afford such ‘luxury’. So, what sick pay scheme should managers develop?
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Should computers select employees?

Written 28th March 2021. 6 min read

Often, job applicants are aggrieved when computers make unfavourable personnel selection decisions. Some think computers are objective, impartial and somehow perfect in the decisions they make. We argue computers alone should never make hiring decisions.
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Paying fair across the world

Written 16th March 2021. 5 min read

As a firm expands in the UK and internationally, and pay is individually negotiated, the number of spot values rises. Pay variance expands too - there’s a spot salary for every person worldwide. What started simple is quickly a mess and action's needed.