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  • 60 years of HR and OD experience available to you in direct support.
  • 60 years experience available to you in management tools that you can use to generate psychometric reports and employment documents.
  • 60 years experience in models and methods published in our management books.
Free book worth £28 with first 20 tool credits.substantial book discounts for firms/organisations

So refreshing to have a book where all the research and theory of managing people has been distilled down for you and served up in a practical way that can help managers apply this best practice to real situations.

Robbo, HR Manager, Accreditation firm

In the book, regular reflections ask you to consider your own firm and how you might apply that theory. I found those reflections to be thought-provoking and, in many cases, revealing. I will definitely be a better manager having read this book. Highly recommended.

DanB, Manager, Big 4 consulting firm
Core ideology 5 pillars

A framework for people management

Written 25th September 2023. 4 min read

The essence of people management? That people have a value. People as employees are not a resource. People have the right to be treated well and for the manager to believe in each employee’s career. In return, the employee will give good service.
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Mental Health anthony-tran-vXymirxr5ac-unsplash

We're not all suffering poor mental health and wellbeing

Written 12th June 2023. 3 min read

A wellbeing book I read omits that poor wellbeing only exists when the sufferer's life enjoyment inhibited. We don’t all suffer poor mental health and poor wellbeing. Most of us cope, and cope well. Read more on the importance of a complete definition.
Manager Report Graphics

Getting specific about hiring

Written 21st April 2023. 2 min read

Lay people make statements like, “Hire for attitude, don't hire for competence". These people are right… and yet wrong. Actually, not wrong, just inaccurate. They recognise it’s not an ideal world. So in the real world, what does a manager 'hire for'?