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It’s important that ample attention is given to the team’s personal development. By contracting career coaching to TimelessTime, each person has grown their skills and knowledge to meet both company and personal aspirations.

Neil Edwards, CEO, The Marketing Eye Ltd

The project delivered a viable and maintainable organisation-wide rewards strategy, system and structure for my organisation. The project kept exactly to plan over the four-month project lifecycle and delivered exactly what was agreed.

CW, Head of HR and Finance , Mutual Organisation
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Making the shift to home working – practical steps for the firm

Written 7th December 2021. 8 min read

A firm that’s oriented around a central headquarters and offices is a very different beast from one that embraces flexible working and working from home. Here we discuss the changes needed to the terms and conditions of contract and employee handbook.
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Vacancy Dilemma

Written 21st November 2021. 6 min read

At a recent employers’ conference, anguish from the floor centred on inability of firms to find employees with the right skills. And once firms had found someone, they seemed universally unable to keep them. The problem's commonplace. Here's the solution.
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Should recruiters ask candidates about current salary?

Written 18th November 2021. 2 min read

The phrase ‘a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work’ is common in the labour market. Penned first by Carlyle and then Engels and it applies now. The employer and candidate reach a bargain between work and pay. It’s not necessary to know about the past.