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It’s important that ample attention is given to the team’s personal development. By contracting career coaching to TimelessTime, each person has grown their skills and knowledge to meet both company and personal aspirations.

Neil Edwards, CEO, The Marketing Eye Ltd

The project delivered a viable and maintainable organisation-wide rewards strategy, system and structure for my organisation. The project kept exactly to plan over the four-month project lifecycle and delivered exactly what was agreed.

CW, Head of HR and Finance , Mutual Organisation
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Building a positive staff world view under hybrid working

Written 21st August 2021. 5 min read

Creation of the right staff world view is critical to operations. It requires managers to set up communications that support the emergence of positive beliefs. The right world view within the firm results in high performance and positive outcomes.
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Just what is mental health?

Written 2nd August 2021. 5 min read

We read daily that people are leaving their roles to ‘focus on their mental health’. So, what’s it all about? Like a physiological ailment, thought-related ailment can also cause debilitation. Here we discuss and relate mental and physical health.
The lifecycle of a supplier agreement

Making a supplier contract work

Written 12th July 2021. 5 min read

How do you make a supplier contract work? Agreeing what’s to be agreed is typically complicated. Start by setting out the nature of the services to be supplied. Then describe how the services are to be specified and called off month by month. Here's how.