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What does gender pay gap tell us about society?

Blog PostNew!Written by Sue Berry on 25th April 2018. Revised 13th January 2021.10 min read

We know that men and women must be paid equally for jobs of equal value so we can assume that pay discrimination is not the explanation for the recently reported gender pay gaps in most organisations. Our analysis suggests that the cause is something much, much deeper. Deep in society. And no amount of castigating employers will fix it. As a society, universally, women are paid less than men. And we have to fix the attitudes that cause this - in the family, schools and society as a whole.

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Applying management science to everyday events

VideoNew!Written by John Berry on 29th December 2020. Revised 6th January 2021.1 min read

A series of blogs for 2021, designed to be consumed as podcasts, but using a single overview slide. Each is on a single management topic or everyday event. Each takes less than three minutes to consume. Just click to view the list and get the latest.

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Choice of law in employment contracts

Blog PostNew!Written by John Berry on 25th February 2020. Revised 3rd January 2021.6 min read

Many firms want to contract with foreign workers working in foreign countries. There is much debate about whether it is right for the UK employer to issue a UK employment contract to those foreign workers. We would generally say not and here’s the rationale. We argue that the choice of law in employment contracts should always be local law (unless work is done in many countries).

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A concise leadership model for managing day-to-day

VideoWritten by John Berry on 28th May 2019. Revised 28th December 2020.1 min read

• Defining leadership and the practical effects of manager intervention on staff motivation.
• Understanding that managers lead and that leadership is a management role.
• Setting out the difference between leadership approaches and leadership styles.
• Introducing some practical leadership interventions for managers.
• Introducing leadership approaches and how to select the right approach.
• Discussing how to do leadership day to day.

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Employing Foreign Workers Abroad

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 2nd May 2017. Revised 14th December 2020.33 min read

Managers can find it extremely attractive to ‘employ’ foreign staff resident abroad. Engaging workers in foreign countries is complex. In many cases it is better to trade at arms length through business to business agreements, paying against invoice. But that won't suit many firms, particularly where they have constraining upstream contracts. They must employ workers locally. Here are all the issues for firms wanting to gain worker services in both EU and non-EU countries.

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A manager’s guide to homeworking

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 28th April 2020. Revised 26th November 2020.12 min read

Home working is where the firm extends its business activities from its premises to an employee’s home. A small part of the employee’s home is taken over by the firm for its benefit and the employer must acknowledge this. That simple paragraph needs careful consideration, case by case, home worker by home worker, to ensure that the scenario is lawful, controlled and beneficial to both parties.

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