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Business Continuity: keeping organisations working come what may

White PaperNew!Written by Sue Berry on 1st May 2017. Revised 24th October 2020.11 min read

Staff are key to any business. Whilst they are the biggest asset, they also potentially represent the greatest risk to business continuity. By developing a plan that centres on the key risks it is possible to be prepared for circumstances which may disrupt the business. Includes an analysis of BCP during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Free Level 7 Manager Development Programme

ArticleNew!Written by John Berry & Sue Berry on 18th March 2018. Revised 23rd October 2020.7 min read

Around 80% of UK managers are untrained in people-management. Just think about the improvement in your organisation's lot if it were the other way. We offer a nine-month programme covering hiring, managing and developing people in 18 webinars and 3 workshops. It's for managers who want the Level 7 knowledge and skills without the assessment from formal courses. And it's completely free of charge. Can you think of managers in your own firm who don’t have the skills and knowledge to effectively manage people?

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Introduction to growing and developing your people: Trimester 2, Webinar 1

VideoNew!Written by John Berry on 28th May 2019. Revised 22nd October 2020.1 min read

  • Basic ideas about human competencies and behaviours
  • Introducing competency frameworks
  • Basic ideas about what enables people to learn
  • Re-visiting the link between personal characteristics and performance
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Is £20k difference discrimination or just reasonable?

Blog PostNew!Written by John Berry on 9th January 2019. Revised 19th October 2020.10 min read

The crux of an article in The Guardian is that the woman author, a journalist, has found out that a man who reports to her and whose work she manages, is paid £20k a year more than her. She feels that she has been treated unfairly and that she should have held out for more when she negotiated her salary. And she describes how her emotional response has transitioned through the five stages of grief. Here we discuss the issues and ask, "Is £20k difference discrimination or just reasonable?"

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In search of an optimum reporting structure

Blog PostNew!Written by John Berry on 28th February 2019. Revised 19th October 2020.4 min read

There’s no rule about how many people one manager should have reporting to them. For effective leadership the leader must build the dyadic relationship with every follower. If the manager has too many direct reports his or her leadership will weaken while too reports with too much time on each few stifles. So what's the ideal reporting structure?

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Redundancy - Questions employees will ask

ArticleNew!Written by Sue Berry on 3rd May 2017. Revised 19th October 2020.13 min read

Your staff are going to have a whole series of questions which you will need to address as you go through the redundancy process. We've pulled together some of the more important questions that you are going to be asked, and presented them for you here. They range from questions about contractors to simple things like whether companions can attend meetings.

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