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Employing Foreign Workers in the UK

OpinionWritten by Sue Berry on 27th June 2018. Revised 20th February 2020.15 min read

The UK is suffering a massive skills and labour shortage. Whilst we hear a lot about the NHS, any manager in a technology-centric business will tell a similar story – we simply have too few engineers and scientists. Employing overseas workers can help. This article discusses how you apply for a visa sponsorship licence and go on to have a foreign worker apply for a visa. This article is up to date at 20th February 2020 and will be kept up to date as the UK Government explains its future visa policy.

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Our Solutions in Performance Appraisal

ArticleWritten by John Berry on 9th May 2017. Revised 17th February 2020.4 min read

All managers want specific business outcomes like growth, profit, quality and safety. These in turn depend on operational outcomes, for example on enhanced productivity. Operational outcomes depend on the performance of all workers in the firm. Performance depends on worker competencies and motivation. And motivation is substantially under the managers’ control. Here's how this works.

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Practical Use of the HSE Management Standards Indicator Tool

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 2nd May 2017. Revised 17th February 2020.6 min read

The Health and Safety Executive has published a framework covering six areas that might result in an employee or employees suffering stress at work (the HSE Management Standards). These are things like lack of control over work and lack of management support. As we note in articles on our site, this framework is a good way of thinking about stress.

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For pities’ sake, write it down!

OpinionNew!Written by Sue Berry on 14th February 2020.04 min read

Managers don’t write things down. They don’t document the various discussions with employees. They don’t prepare for meetings and document what they hope to achieve, then don’t document what they actually said and what was actually done. They don’t use daybooks. Find out why it's important to get into the habit of using a daybook.

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Managing to avoid insolvency

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 26th September 2019. Revised 11th February 2020.7 min read

The Web is full of articles about what went wrong with Thomas Cook. It had debt and no cash. Ignoring the fact that Thomas Cook experienced changing markets, just how should managers work to avoid becoming an insolvency casualty? Many firms run with low reserves and high debt. This is a dangerous operating point. Here we discuss options and give examples of business strategy for safer operation.

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All stop for freelancers and ski season workers

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 27th January 2020. Revised 30th January 2020.6 min read

As many workers are finding, EU firms are, even now, not prepared now to extend contracts for freelancers and seasonal workers beyond the transition period ending in December 2020. The assumption is that those workers will, as soon as Brexit bites, fail to get a visa and hence fail to be able to work in an EU27 country. Such workers will have to find work at home in the UK. They’re hidden casualties of Brexit.

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