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Building a positive staff world view under hybrid working

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Written by John Berry on 21st August 2021. Revised 10th October 2021.

5 min read

The creation of the right staff world view is critical to a firm's operations. World view requires that managers set up the right formal and informal communications for staff. A positive world view within the firm heightens staff commitment and enables high performance. Here's how to think about world view and how to set about managing the world view for positive outcomes.

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Employing Foreign Workers Abroad

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Written by John Berry on 2nd May 2017. Revised 10th October 2021.

35 min read

Managers can find it extremely attractive to ‘employ’ foreign staff resident abroad. Engaging workers in foreign countries is complex. In many cases it is better to trade at arms length through business to business agreements, paying against invoice. But that won't suit many firms, particularly where they have constraining upstream contracts. They must employ workers locally. Here are all the issues for firms wanting to gain worker services in both EU and non-EU countries.

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Technology as a force for change


Written by John Berry on 6th May 2017. Revised 28th September 2021.

10 min read

Technology provides a force for change in all businesses. Technologists innovate and develop new technological knowledge and technological artefacts. That technological knowledge helps us do things differently and to innovate within our businesses. The technological artefacts help us do things, but they also do things for us and replace us in things we did previously.

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Just what is mental health?

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Written by John Berry on 2nd August 2021. Revised 3rd August 2021.

5 min read

Every day we read that athletes, managers, workers, celebrities and even politicians are leaving their roles to ‘focus on their mental health’. So, what’s it all about? Like a physical malady, A psychological (thought-related) impairment can also cause debilitation. Physical health is where the body can do what the brain wants. Mental health is where the brain can keep up and support the body.

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Stress in the Workplace

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Written by John Berry on 3rd May 2017. Revised 2nd August 2021.

6 min read

Stress seems to be the one word that reduces otherwise competent managers to gibbering wrecks. It's every manager's nightmare. There is a direct link between stress and long term sickness absence. And often stress issues become long term sickness absence. Act now. Here's how.

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Mixing internal and external candidates devastates staff commitment

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Written by John Berry on 25th September 2017. Revised 29th July 2021.

7 min read

Many managers deliberately mix internal and external recruitment in the hope of selecting the best person for the job from as large a pool as possible. Simply, consider internals first, in isolation. If any internal can do the job – judged by a fixed bar - they go forward with an internals-only contest. Because any one has the ability to excel, a variable bar selection can be used to rank them. Anything else is just wrong, damaging and here’s why.

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