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Redundancy - Questions employees will ask

ArticleWritten by Sue Berry on 3rd May 2017. Revised 4th June 2020.11 min read

Your staff are going to have a whole series of questions which you will need to address as you go through the redundancy process. We've pulled together some of the more important questions that you are going to be asked, and presented them for you here. They range from questions about contractors to simple things like whether companions can attend meetings.

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Coronavirus Questions

OpinionWritten by Sue Berry on 26th March 2020. Revised 3rd June 2020.13 min read

The Government is presently making up policy day by day to help firms avoid having to layoff or make employees redundant. As a result, there are many ambiguities and issues with its schemes. This information represents our best interpretation. We will continue to update this blog as more information becomes available.

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Basic steps in closing an office

OpinionNew!Written by John Berry on 31st May 2020.04 min read

Regretfully there are many firms now considering closing an office, factory or other facility. First the closure must be necessary, and this can be proven using a business plan. Second, the whole process of redundancy must be done fairly. Critically, this involves determining redundant jobs and assessing all jobholders for dismissal using a fair criteria

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Has your psychological contract taken a nose-dive?

OpinionNew!Written by John Berry on 31st May 2020.02 min read

The psychological contract defines how the employee feels about their employer. How an employee feels dictates their commitment. Commitment makes motivation and engagement possible. Commitment makes management possible. Has your employee psychological contracts taken a nose-dive recently?

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Bringing all employees back to work

OpinionNew!Written by John Berry on 31st May 2020.06 min read

There will be a small proportion of vulnerable employees who won’t feel safe whatever you do. In the end, when you have done all that you can some employees will have to be dismissed by reasons of capability. You may have to discuss with them that, in the new normal that is coronavirus, it may simply be that they will never feel safe in your firm.

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Achieving competitive advantage through people

White PaperWritten by John Berry on 1st May 2017. Revised 26th May 2020.27 min read

Competitive advantage is where a firm enjoys lower costs or greater sales than competitors. This paper builds an argument for a set of HR practices that form the basis of the psychological contract, the set of expectations that both employee and employer hold.

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