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Finding the best candidates: Trimester 3, Webinar 4

Audio VisualWritten by John Berry on 25th May 2019. Revised 26th March 2020.1 min read

• Helping you understand the mechanisms of search, considering the time candidates are available;
• Helping you decide which search methods to use for each type of job;
• Explaining the process you should use to probe the labour market and set up your search;
• Discussing what to do when searching (and what not to do); and
• Setting out the plethora of alternative sources of good candidates.

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On remuneration: a pay model for SMEs

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 3rd May 2017. Revised 26th March 2020.7 min read

Pay is a complex business. Pay is not the only reason why folk leave one firm and move to another but often it is high in prominence in the overall decision. This blog sets out the primary criteria in deciding how much to pay an employee for doing a job and then describes a pay model that allows these criteria to be met.

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Calculating Total Reward

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 4th May 2017. Revised 26th March 2020.5 min read

Firms do a great deal for staff. Of course they pay for work done, and give statutory holidays. But it goes a lot further than that. Keeping a good work-life balance and giving recognition and career builds employee commitment. Thinking about total reward helps managers add elements of great benefit to employee and firm without huge cost.

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Incentivising Through Commission Payment

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 29th May 2018. Revised 26th March 2020.5 min read

Many managers follow the economists' teaching to claim that people are rational and will strive to maximise their financial gain. But people are irrational. There are some maxims in designing performance-related pay. First, money is not a motivator. But fair reward encourages commitment. Second, offering a financial incentive will encourage isolationist behaviour. Be careful what behaviour you reward!

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Just what benefits should you offer?

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 17th August 2018. Revised 26th March 2020.6 min read

Broadly, most UK SME managers grant employees the bare minimum of additional benefits over and above salary. In many cases, they’ll award staff the statutory minimum. Yet a few SMEs do give their employees generous high-value benefits. So why the difference, and does it make any sense to offer more than you must? Here we discuss the origins of this minimalist thinking and explore what other options there are for beneficial benefits.

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Implementing truly flexible benefits

OpinionWritten by Sue Berry on 28th August 2018. Revised 26th March 2020.8 min read

The argument in favour of granting employees 'benefits' over and above salary is sound. But employee attitudes to benefits change with age - with life stages. As a result what's really needed is flexibility in granting those benefits. But traditionally, management overheads have determined that flexible benefits has been the preserve of the large firm. In fact, designing a flexible benefits systems is simply done by all.

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