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Assessment centres as methods of personnel selection

Blog PostNew!Written by John Berry on 28th February 2019. Revised 6th October 2020.6 min read

An assessment centre is where a number of candidates participate together, undertaking exercises as selection tests while being observed and rated by multiple assessors. The candidates are effectively in competition. Assessment centres can replace interviews and a host of other tools as methods of employee selection but they are misunderstood and controversial. Here's why.

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11 reasons why job descriptions are key to your business

Blog PostNew!Written by John Berry on 5th August 2017. Revised 6th October 2020.3 min read

It’s only when managers come to rely on a job description at some point of impending opportunity or catastrophe that the importance of that simple document becomes apparent. Coupled with that, most JDs are just a list of duties and measuring performance against them is impossible. Here's guidance on fixing that.

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Motivating Volunteers

Blog PostNew!Written by John Berry on 5th October 2020.07 min read

There’s a curious notion amongst managers of volunteers that a person changes when they move from being paid for the work they do to become a volunteer. But, the motivation is the same - it's just that older managers forget that the employment environment has changed. Today’s volunteers and employees are not so different.

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Firms can learn from charities and schools

Blog PostWritten by Sue Berry on 25th September 2020.05 min read

A supervisory board holds the management team to account. Since having good governance is important to all organisations, whether profit-focussed or not, it begs the question as to why more firms don’t adopt the two-board model in the UK . It does happen when required by law, and also in a few cases where the MD is enlightened. Could it work for you?

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Closing the Risk Assessment Circle

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 16th September 2020. Revised 23rd September 2020.4 min read

It’s imperative that managers implement a COVID-19-guidelines-compliant plan. This will involve the now-familiar controls such as limited numbers, distancing, screens, face-coverings and contact details for track and trace. But how can senior managers be sure that the plan is adhered to? We argue that the answer is though audit.

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Getting volunteers to... volunteer

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 23rd September 2020.04 min read

Getting enough volunteers with the right skill-set is huge problem for volunteer-reliant organisations. Here we describe a simple three-step model that is useful in understanding the volunteer recruitment problem, and its solution. Managers of volunteers must continually engage in recruitment. Their aim must be to get ‘the right people in the right jobs, always’.

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