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Bias and how to train to overcome it

White PaperWritten by John Berry on 26th January 2021. Revised 26th February 2021.7 min read

Most managers make decisions using a mix of gut feel and repetition from experience, based on evidence from hearsay. The result is that managers’ decisions are open to the effects of bias. The problem with bias and the countering of biases is that there are simply too many identifiable biases to remember. Ultimately it's better to learn how to make objective decisions in the first place.

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Leading remote teams

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 15th February 2021. Revised 25th February 2021.6 min read

Commentators suggest that leading remote teams during lockdown is new. It's not - it’s just that a whole new cohort of managers is being challenged to perform in this new environment. We argue that managers must engineer opportunities for exchange, ensure that organisational goals are widely understood and support the hell out of their people. Here's how.

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Eleven crass things managers do when recruiting

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 31st August 2020. Revised 22nd February 2021.6 min read

Interviews are two-way affairs. Many managers forget this and assume that the interviewee is super-keen to have the job – and as a result the manager can do anything and say anything to the interviewee without negative effect on their organisation. You and your management team who might conduct interviews are on measure too. Make the effort and bolster your organisation's reputation.

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Fourteen crass questions managers should not ask at interview

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 31st August 2020. Revised 22nd February 2021.6 min read

When asking questions at interview, the manager is looking for evidence that the interviewee is going to excel in the job. Simply, if your questions don’t provide evidence, don’t ask them. If your questions can’t be objectively scored against a required competency, don’t ask them. Here are fourteen popular questions that fail to provide evidence.

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Walk then run: the golden rule of personnel development

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 18th February 2021.03 min read

You can’t build on weak foundations. No amount of high-level training can plug the lower-level skills and knowledge gaps. Any re-skilling or technology introduction must begin with an audit of skills and knowledge. Training may be needed to level-up foundation competencies in readiness for specific training on new systems. So… in personnel development, walk, then run.

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Why your volunteers are leaving

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 12th November 2020. Revised 18th February 2021.8 min read

There has been some indication that youth workers are now quitting their volunteer posts in significant numbers. As the pandemic evolves and new periods of lockdown are implemented, it is imperative that all managers of volunteers increase their level of supportive management. Many managers will not be capable of doing this and will themselves need help.

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