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Modelling allows your future capability to be determined. The capability needed to achieve outcome E determines the necessary staff competencies and behaviours and necessary future technology function. Modelling enables you to determine what's to be done.

The ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ models can be prepared and plans made to make the change from one state to the other.

Modelling allows your senior team to generate options and to evaluate each against your desired outcomes. Your modelling will use data to evidence option evaluation. Evidence-based modelling is the only valid way to plan your change.

And plans will be easily communicated to your people because 'because...' accompanies every explanation and team-brief. As a result, consultation goes smoothly and your change gets easily implemented.

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Here's what some of our clients said about our service

Developing a Reward System

The project delivered a viable and maintainable organisation-wide rewards strategy, system and structure for my organisation. The project kept exactly to plan over the four-month project lifecycle and delivered exactly what was agreed.

Head of HR and Finance, Mutual Organisation

Sexual Harassment Investigation

We were impressed by the structured approach taken to the investigation and presentation of evidence. Use of the psychological definition (of harassment) requiring that there was both event and arousal of sensibilities provided a much more robust criteria for use in our assessment than the legal criterion alone.

Senior Manager, National Charity