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Solutions Locum HR ServicesHR is sometimes a clerical activity. Sometimes it’s running processes like recruitment and disciplinaries. Sometimes it’s supporting managers, providing specialist people-management skills and knowledge. And sometimes it’s a Board-level ‘mover and shaker’ role. Growing firms progress their HR over several years from clerical to ‘mover and shaker’.

We’ll evolve your HR function, however short a time we’re with you as locum.

Making Progress

Change from clerical to ‘mover and shaker’ involves recruitment of new staff or development of existing staff. Recruitment takes time. Development takes even longer. Using a locum allows managers to ‘try before they buy’ – to employ a skilled locum HR services resource to determine what HR should be in the firm before pressing the recruitment or development button.

Tangible Change

Provision of locum HR services could involve just maintaining the status quo; processing job candidates, managing disciplinaries or responding to HR questions from managers. Or it could involve progressing improvement projects, working with managers and the senior team to make change. It’s whatever is needed as the firm evolves.

Locum HR Services

Firms using locum HR services need locums who are hugely qualified and hugely experienced across all the activities of HR. Those firms also need locums who have experience in many different industries and at many different levels of management up to and including Board level. TimelessTime consultants are all of these things.

Case 1: Locum, Pending HR Manager Training

The client had identified a manager who was willing to transfer from finance to HR and to retrain as an HR professional. She was well qualified generally but needed to complete a one-year fast-track HR course. TimelessTime provided cover and support during that training period, reducing involvement as the new HR manager ‘took the reins’.

Case 2: HR Support Direct to CEO

The CEO of this education establishment had access to an HR pool resource. This central call-centre resource would and did respond to routine questions and gave employment law guidance. But the CEO wanted direct support, both as a second view on routine issues and as a partner in organisational development and change.

Case 3: Provider of Specialist Resource

This client had a good HR team, but like most HR professionals, they dealt with routine issues like recruitment support and employment law issues like disciplinaries. We provided locum HR services with direct support to the Managing Director, covering projects like development of a new job evaluation system and several major, complex investigations.

Here's what some of our clients said about us

The project delivered a viable and maintainable organisation-wide rewards strategy, system and structure for my organisation. The project kept exactly to plan over the four-month project lifecycle and delivered exactly what was agreed.

Head of HR and Finance, Mutual Organisation

We were impressed by the structured approach taken to the investigation and presentation of evidence. Use of the psychological definition (of harassment) requiring that there was both event and arousal of sensibilities provided a much more robust criteria for use in our assessment than the legal criterion alone.

Senior Manager, National Charity