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The first edition of Because Your People Matter was published in early 2019. The second edition followed in August 2020. The third edition came out on 9th March 2023.

Here’s a list of topics we cover:

Strategy development, leadership (leadership styles, leadership approaches), systems modelling, operations, practicing management, employment law, employment contracts, supplier contracts, recruitment (search and selection), retention, working with volunteers, instructing employees to do work, people and technology, AI, quality management, safety management, working from home, flexible working, brand building, innovation, sustainability, job design, job satisfaction, commitment, engagement, burnout, motivation, culture, emotions, power, groups, teams, cognitive bias, equality, performance, performance improvement, performance appraisal, objective setting, psychological contract, discipline, grievance, employment tribunals, bullying and harassment, mediation, personnel development, competencies, behaviours, talent management, wellbeing, stress, absence management, pay, pensions, pay systems, performance-based pay, sick pay, total reward, change management, productivity, change processes, becoming a manager, management competencies, management teams.

There’s then both a comprehensive bibliography and an index.

Check out the full contents on our book site.

Buy Because Your People Matter: A Playbook for Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders (3rd ed.) by John Berry & Sue Berry. ISBN: 9781803813554 from Amazon.

Also from Waterstones, Foyles and Book Depository. RRP £28 and £26.60 for Kindle/eBook

And we’ve published six chapters as audiobooks on YouTube. Access these now FREE!

Here's what some of our clients said about us

So refreshing to have a book where all the research and theory of managing people has been distilled down for you and served up in a practical way that can help managers apply this best practice to real situations.

Robbo, HR Manager, Accreditation firm

In the book, regular reflections ask you to consider your own firm and how you might apply that theory. I found those reflections to be thought-provoking and, in many cases, revealing. I will definitely be a better manager having read this book. Highly recommended.

DanB, Manager, Big 4 consulting firm