HSE Management Standards manager's tool

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HSE Management Standards manager's tool


This tool is based on the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Management Standards. Research has shown that working conditions affect employee well-being. Your employees will all react differently to work-based stressors. Assessing how they are coping with stress will help you to manage them effectively and put in place remedial action when necessary.

Using our tool, you will determine how well you believe that your employee is coping in six areas: demands; control; support; relationships; role and change.

The report you generate will show you the standards that you might need to address to reduce work-based stress.

Most interventions will be achieved with little or no additional cost. Not intervening when a possible issue has been identified will likely lead to additional cost due to sickness absence and reduced productivity.

How to use this tool

The link below will take you to the questionnaire welcome page. Your responses allow you to determine how your organisation's working environment might be affecting your employee.

You need to be honest when answering. Some questions ask about line-management style. If you don't answer truthfully the resulting output will be flawed.

Our tool can only give you accurate output if the input is also accurate.

The tool will show the results as high, medium or low. However, if you provide your email, you will receive a report detailing the scores for each of the standards.

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Using the tool isn't the whole story - put in place some changes to get the most out of your people.