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Ideal Profile Tool

5 credits

Use this tool to develop the personal characteristics likely to be held by the person who will do well in the job (as defined in the job description). The personal characteristics comprise personality, general mental ability, career preferences, in-team behaviour, leadership style, subordinate style, influencing style, emotional intelligence and work attitude.

Our tool allows you to build the personal characteristics and produce a report for each job that you can use in your recruitment as a statement of requirement. Once built, you then just need to find someone who meets that requirement!

This tool is the starting point in our Onboarding Suite of tools.

How to use this tool

The tool will guide you through the process to develop your 'ideal' job holder profile for the job you are hiring.

Simply purchase enough credits - email us at with the credits you need and we will invoice you. Upon payment, we will email you with a link and an access code.

Once completed we will generate a report based on your 'ideal' job holder profile. You can then use this information, with our other tools, to recruit the best candidate for every job. Download a sample Ideal Profile report. We will typically deliver your Ideal Profile report within 4 working days of completion of your online work.

Using the tool isn't the whole story - put in place some changes to get the most out of your people.