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Main Profile Tool

30 credits

When inviting a candidate back for a second interview, managers need to use testing to determine whether the candidate will perform well in the job.

So take the guesswork out of this by using our Main Profile assessment tool to get a report on candidate personality, general mental ability, career preferences, in-team behaviour, leadership style, subordinate style, influencing style, emotional intelligence, and work attitude.

The Main Profile tool augments manager-designed work sample tests and a structured interview to maximise the predictive validity of the whole selection process. The predictive validity is a measure of the degree to which the tools in the process predict how well the candidate will do in the job. It’s a quality measure of the process.

Using the Main Profile tool avoids costly mistakes. It reports on the person-environment fit (P/E Fit) metric of each candidate by comparing candidate characteristics with the ideal characteristics for the job.

How to use this tool

The Main Profile assessment can be done by candidates at a time to suit them, using computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It takes 45 minutes to complete and provides thorough reporting of all characteristics needed for comparison with the Ideal Profile.

You supply us with the name and contact details of each candidate to do the Main Profile assessment.

We then email your candidate to provide a link to the tool and a unique one-time candidate password.

Email to buy credits. Then email tools@timelesstime to tell us of the candidate(s).

We process the reports and email them to you within 4 working days of completion. You must allow 7 working days between advising us of the candidate contact information and the planned second interview.

This tool relies on there being an ideal profile for your job. You must first have completed this ideal profile using our Ideal Profile Tool.

One of our consultants will vet reports before dispatch.

Using the tool isn't the whole story - put in place some changes to get the most out of your people.