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Home Working Decision Tree


We recommend that initially you follow the questionnaire considering your firm as a whole. We believe that you will inevitably find that as you work through this, you will have to think about specific individuals and specific jobs. You can add a generic job title at this stage if you wish.

We suggest that you then consider your firm department by department, team by team. And once that’s done, we recommend you get down to the detail, reviewing one person, one job.

Ultimately, you need to get to this level, and this time you might enter a job title and name or number for the employee. To do a full analysis, you will therefore have to repeat the questionnaire many times.

This tool aims to have you think about the issues of home working in a structured way. It doesn’t give you an answer, but it does give you the necessary thought process. This tool focusses on the job and the jobholder. There are obviously other issues too, and we prompt you about those at the end.

How to use this tool

There are a series of questions to guide you through all the things you need to think about when considering whether home working suits your organisations needs.

Before you answer each quesiton you will be provided with informaiton to help you think about the question posed. You then answer 'yes' or 'no'.

The tool is interative allowing you to move backwards and forwards in case you change your mind on any aspect under consideration. Depending on your answers you'll be presented with informaiton that suggests you answers support home working, or if your answers suggest home working is not feasible you'll have some questions posed to help you think further about home working.

Use the tool as often as you like. We'd love to hear what you think about the tool.

Once you’ve finished, do contact us if you’d like direct assistance in your working from home project.

Start you homeworking decision making

Using the tool isn't the whole story - put in place some changes to get the most out of your people.