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Setting reward - practicalities of pay and benefits

VideoWritten by Sue Berry on 28th May 2019. Revised 26th October 2020.1 min read

• How people think about pay and reward.
• The link (if any) between motivation and pay.
• Setting out a pay and reward policy, structure and system for a firm.
• How to evaluate jobs and set relative pay.
• The benefit of benefits and the idea of total reward.

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Winning staff commitment and job-engagement

VideoWritten by Sue Berry on 30th May 2019. Revised 26th October 2020.1 min read

• Understanding how people (HRM) practices determine personal and organisational outcomes.
• Learn methods of gaining employee commitment to the organisation.
• Learn the definition of motivation and how people become motivated and on what motivation depends.
• Learn methods that the manager can use to ensure the employee's engagement with their job.
• Understanding how to design management interventions to effect change in organisational outcomes.

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Motivating and setting objectives to drive performance

VideoWritten by John Berry on 28th May 2019. Revised 26th October 2020.1 min read

• Defining the performance of a worker in a job and establishing the link between motivation and performance.
• Revisiting the role of the job and job design on motivation.
• Understanding the role of the job description in objective setting.
• Introducing some theory of objectives and the natural human desire to strive to achieve goals.
• learning practical goal setting and introducing the reality of performance appraisal.

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Firms can learn from charities and schools

Blog PostWritten by Sue Berry on 25th September 2020. Revised 26th October 2020.5 min read

A supervisory board holds the management team to account. Since having good governance is important to all organisations, whether profit-focussed or not, it begs the question as to why more firms don’t adopt the two-board model in the UK . It does happen when required by law, and also in a few cases where the MD is enlightened. Could it work for you?

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Employee Engagement in Practice

VideoWritten by John Berry on 17th April 2020. Revised 26th October 2020.30 min read

A lecture to University of Sussex HRM MSc 2020 cohort. Focus is the dyadic pair - manager and employee – I aim here to give HR practitioners an understanding of how, in practice, their function, HR, can support managers in achieving employee engagement. Job engagement can be measured. And it can be achieved through management intervention. The HR manager’s role in achieving job engagement is as a consultant to the line manager.

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11 reasons why job descriptions are key to your business

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 5th August 2017. Revised 26th October 2020.3 min read

It’s only when managers come to rely on a job description at some point of impending opportunity or catastrophe that the importance of that simple document becomes apparent. Coupled with that, most JDs are just a list of duties and measuring performance against them is impossible. Here's guidance on fixing that.

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