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Article Written by John Berry & Sue Berry on 14th March 2018. Revised 10th December 2018. Reading time: 8 minutes

Four fists over jarAround 80% of UK managers are untrained in people-management. Just think about the improvement in firms if it were the other way. Just think about the improvement in employee job satisfaction, organisational effectiveness, profit and reduced manager stress that such a shift would give! As you read this, you can probably think of managers in your own firm who don’t have the skills and knowledge to effectively manage people. They need to engage with this programme.

Level 7 Training

All managers need to use management science - and not just replicate out-of-context 'best practice' or implement the suggestions of untrained gurus. Levels 5 and 6 teach 'best practice' and 'how to...'. Level 7 teaches you to think and to challenge. Managers need to manage at Level 7. You shouldn't put up with less.

Let TimelessTime train you at NQF/EQF Level 7. We offer a nine-month rolling programme covering three central disciplines - hiring, managing and developing people. The whole programme is at Level 7. It's designed for managers who want the Level 7 knowledge and skills without the onerous assessment that comes from university-based or ILM/CMI courses. It focusses only on managing people - but it covers the whole topic.

And it's provided COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. Book now!


The programme comprises three topics delivered as six 30-minute webinars and one two hour workshop per topic. You can dip in and out as your time allows. There's no need to attend all webinars or workshops. And the whole course is delivered online - though for those attendees within travelling distance of Haywards Heath, we run a face-to-face workshop alongside the online workshop.

All the webinars are availble to 'listen again'. You can access them on our forum site. The advantage of course of attending the webinar in person is the ability to listen and ask questions as the session progresses and at the end. Check out the information below for future dates.

What will you learn?

Valid, tangible and immediately applicable information and methods to enable you to excel in managing, developing and hiring your people.

What’s the webinar style?

Six short presentations with a simultaneous online question and answer session per topic. There are three topics.

What's the workshop style?

A group of like-minded managers sharing the issues, encouraged and enabled by some mini-presentations. Delivered both online and face-to-face, one per topic. There are three topics.


Trimester 1 - Managing people

Webinar 1: Establishing the manager-employee relationship - Wednesday 6th Febuary 2019

  • Introduction to management - interventions, outcomes and the use of a feedback model to drive action.
  • How firms come about and the role of entrepreneur, leader, manager, contractor and employee.
  • Understanding contracts and the nature of the various contracts available to the manager.
  • Introducing the psychological contract and the way social action changes contractual relations.

By the close, you’ll understand the essence of the role of manager, how it embraces leader and entrepreneur and some of the key relationships and arrangement that make management work.

Webinar 2: Winning staff commitment, motivation & job-engagement - Wednesday 20th February 2019

  • Understanding how people (HRM) practices determine personal and organisational outcomes.
  • Learn methods of gaining employee commitment to the organisation.
  • Learn the definition of motivation and how people become motivated and on what motivation depends.
  • Learn methods that the manager can use to ensure the employee's engagement with their job.
  • Understanding how to design management interventions to effect change in organisational outcomes.

By the close, you’ll understand the difference between commitment, motivation and engagement and the actions you need to take to acheive each.

Webinar 3: Fostering innovation and changing culture - Wednesday 6th March 2019

  • Defining innovation and the role of innovation in achieving competitive advantage.
  • Understanding how people come to innovate.
  • Understanding why it's essential to get the right culture to have employees innovate.
  • Defining culture and how to express and drive culture change.
  • Determining how to achieve innovation in an organisation.

By the close, you’ll understand how to express culture in your organisation, the culture needed for certain outcomes and the means of changing culture to better align your firm with its strategic aims.

Webinar 4: Setting reward: practicalities of pay and benefits - Wednesday 20th March 2019

  • How people think about pay and reward.
  • The link (if any) between motivation and pay.
  • Setting out a pay and reward policy, structure and system for a firm.
  • How to evaluate jobs and set relative pay.
  • The benefit of benefits and the idea of total reward.

By the close, you’ll realise how complex a subject pay is and just how much myth there often is in discussion between managers and on the Web. One classic example is the futile and misinformed desire to use commission and bonuses as incentives.

Webinar 5: Motivation and setting objectives to drive performance - Wednesday 3rd April 2019

  • Defining the performance of a worker in a job and establishing the link between motivation and performance.
  • Revisiting the role of the job and job design on motivation.
  • Understanding the role of the job description in objective setting.
  • Introducing some theory of objectives and the natural human desire to strive to achieve goals.
  • learning practical goal setting and introducing the reality of performance appraisal.

By the close, you’ll understand the link between objectives and performance, and hence about how it is that a manager can set objectives and then appraise subsequent performance to achieve the required business outcomes.

Webinar 6: Summarising - a concise leadership model for managing day-to-day - Wednesday 17th April 2019

  • Defining leadership and the practical effects of manager intervention on staff motivation.
  • Understanding that managers lead and that leadership is a management role.
  • Setting out the difference between leadership approaches and leadership styles.
  • Introducing some practical leadership interventions for managers.
  • Introducing leadership approaches and how to select the right approach.
  • Discussing how to do leadership day to day.

By the close, you’ll understand that leadership works on employee motivation. You'll also understand how to select the right intervention for each firm and each environment.

Workshop - Online/Face-to-Face Workshop: How do I excel at managing my people? - Wednesday 24th April 2019

09:30 - Arrive, coffee & Danish pastries
10:00 - Presentations and round-table discussions
12:00 - Depart

In this simultaneous online and face-to-face meeting, we’ll review the complete activity of management and emphasise the use of two key models for day to day manager use.

We'll feature use of systems dynamics for pan-organisational modelling to understand the big picture in having managers excel.

By the close, you’ll understand the changes that you might make to your own management approaches as you aim to cause change in employee action.

Trimester 2 (Summer 2019) - Developing/growing people

Developing/growing - Webinar 1: Basic concepts of human development and simple ideas of making improvement - Wednesday 15th May 2019.

Developing/growing - Webinar 2: Making the business case for investment in people - Wednesday 29th May 2019.

Developing/growing - Webinar 3: Understanding what makes many people ‘developable’ (and others not) - Wednesday 5th June 2019.

Developing/growing - Webinar 4: Setting out the processes of developoment, talent management and succession - Wednesday 19th June 2019.

Developing/growing - Webinar 5: Planning and implementing organisational up-skilling - Wednesday 3rd July 2019.

Developing/growing - Webinar 6: Determining the right developmental tool for each person and goal - Wednesday 17th July 2019.

Developing/growing - Workshop - Face to face & online - Wednesday 31st July 2019.

The business case for growing your people is persuasive. It’s mostly cheaper than recruiting new staff with new skills and there is the ancillary benefit of heightened commitment from all. This workshop aims to hit all the main points of people-development science. You will be able to identify from this workshop, areas where you are already proficient and others where you need further development and support.

Trimester 3 (Autumn 2019) - Recruiting/selecting people

Recruiting/selecting - Webinar 1: A new approach for a new recruitment and selection age - 11th September 2019.

Recruiting/selecting - Webinar 2: Setting foundations: Designing the right jobs - Wednesday 25th September 2019.

Recruiting/selecting - Webinar 3: Developing the decision criteria: Specifying the ideal candidate - Wednesday 9th October 2019.

Recruiting/selecting - Webinar 4: Expanding the search: Finding the best candidates - Wednesday 23rd October 2019.

Recruiting/selecting - Webinar 5: MDesigning decision tools: Making sure you select the best - Wednesday 6th November 2019.

Recruiting/selecting - Webinar 6: Closing the deal: Making sure the best join - Wednesday 20th November 2019.

Recruiting/selecting - Workshop - Face-to-face and on-line - Wednesday 4th December 2019.

To book

Booking couldn't be easier. Simply go to our events page and book to attend the next webinar. There's no need to start at the beginning. Just pick it up now and roll on through the programme. But you will need to remember to book each webinar, by clicking on the approporate ticket.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is for any manager in any organisation, though the programme is designed for managers of organisations in the United Kingdom. It's for any manager managing teams of any size in the public, private or charity sectors.

Programme history

We're management consultants. We'd been running workshops for clients since 2010 covering pretty much the same content as now offered in this programme. Our marketing was traditional, with web site, email campaigns and networking. But we constantly lamented that the marketing of our consulting services would be a lot easier if managers knew the science behind management. Our sales would progress more fluidly if the client manager understood what we were talking about.

Then one day, following a stint lecturing people-management at the University of Sussex on the MSc course in management, the programme was born. The idea was simple. We'd provide the background free. We'd educate managers. After all, that was what our other marketing vehicles like our web site and email campaigns did. The programme would just concentrate the knowledge. So, our training activities would become our marketing.

The programme sits alongside our recent book titled Because Your People Matter, ISBN 978-1-78623-417-9 available from Foyles, Waterstones and Amazon from early January 2019.

Our terms

The programme comprising webinars and workshops is provided COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. Book now!

We are providing this programme in order to show managers our knowledge and understanding as consultants - it is therefore a form of marketing for us.

Our agreement to provide the programme is with the manager's organisation. In return for delivery of the programme, the manager's organisation agrees to us sending the manager informational emails from time to time on management topics. We will ask the manager to sign up, on the organisation's behalf, to receive those emails before commencing the programme. Those emails contain information on management techniques, skills and knowledge - they are not sales emails. The manager can unsubscribe from the email list at any time.

We reserve the right to refuse to deliver the programme to anyone using a Gmail or other personal or generic email address or anyone who, on investigation, is not a manager in a bona fide organisation. We will also refuse to provide the programme to anyone from an organisation that, on investigation, appears to be in competition with TimelessTime.

Otherwise, our standard terms and conditions of sale will apply and a copy is available on request.

About the presenters

John Berry

John is an alumnus of Loughborough University, the Open University Business School and Birkbeck, University of London, in engineering, management and organisational psychology. He has run technology and engineering companies and led R&D activities in SMEs and multi-nationals over the past 30 years. He has been instrumental in driving corporate and public policy across technology and engineering for firms and governments. In a global career, John has led teams in 32 countries. He is a Chartered Manager and a Chartered Engineer.

Over the past six years John has enabled several hundred SME managers to achieve change by delivering organisational development projects.

Sue Berry

Over the past 30 years Sue has led the human resource function in several firms, heading up and driving organisational improvement and change across chemicals, aerospace, education and charities sectors. She has been instrumental in shaping relationships between people and organisations in pursuit of growth and prosperity for all. Sue is an alumna of Newcastle University, De Montfort University and the Open University in education, human resource management and psychology & economics. She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and has Qualified Teacher Status.

Over the past six years Sue has supported several hundred SME managers, delivering HR support and change projects.

How do I book?

Booking couldn't be easier. Simply go to our events page and book to attend the next webinar.

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