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A Practical Approach to Managing Work Based Stress

ArticleWritten by John Berry on 5th May 2017. Revised 25th August 2020.11 min read

This article proposes a practical approach to managing of work based stress. It suggests use of the HSE Management Standards to describe six forces that need to be balanced. It then elaborates this to include these forces in a feedback model to suggest a method by which managers can actually manage reduction in stress through control of stressors and increase in coping.

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Power play in performance appraisals

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 3rd May 2017. Revised 18th August 2020.7 min read

Performance appraisals are worthwhile. Manager and subordinate sitting down together to review performance over the past year provides huge benefit. But for many it’s a time of dread. Unless controlled, both parties will use their power to distort the performance appraisal outcomes in their favour.

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Performance Appraisal: A key tool in management success

White PaperWritten by John Berry on 6th May 2017. Revised 18th August 2020.34 min read

In the 1980s, a fairly standard form of appraisal emerged that aimed to assess current performance, improve the individual's performance in the immediate future, set and review performance objectives and assess training and development needs. This paper considers development since then considering applicable research and theory. It concludes that despite methods allowing performance appraisal to become more complex, the themes from the 80s persist today.

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Recruiting during lockdown

Blog PostWritten by Sue Berry on 30th July 2020.010 min read

Covid has changed the way that many work practices are conducted. Interviews have gone online. But we argue that the recruitment process can still be as robust as it was before lockdown. Managers must still take an evidence-based approach, seeking proof that favoured candidates will indeed perform as well. In this much, nothing has changed.

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Integrating international operations

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 30th July 2020.07 min read

Many managers think that it’s simple to build an international concern. They believe that it’s simply a matter of offer, acceptance and a place to work. But great thought is needed to make it work. It's not coincidence that Mulberry, Hornby and Raspberry Pi are bringing it all back as they realise the real cost of managing operations abroad.

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Is redundancy always bad?

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 29th June 2020.06 min read

First Brexit uncertainty, then pandemic. And next, Brexit for real. All in all, pressures on the economy right now are universally downwards. The result, we hear, is that unemployment will rise. But why must that be so? Is it inevitable? And how should managers change to better manage their firms through short periods of unsettled trading? Here we set out the arguments.

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