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Is £20k difference discrimination or just reasonable?

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 9th January 2019.10 min read

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The crux of an article in The Guardian is that the woman author, a journalist, has found out that a man who reports to her and whose work she manages, is paid £20k a year more than her. She feels that she has been treated unfairly and that she should have held out for more when she negotiated her salary. And she describes how her emotional response has transitioned through the five stages of grief. Here we discuss the issues and ask, "Is £20k difference discrimination or just reasonable?"

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Employing peripatetic employees with complex work patterns

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 23rd January 2019.5 min read

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Sometimes, the scenarios that our clients ask us to work with are straightforward – a revised pay structure, a manpower plan or a restructure of existing activities. But occasionally they present something that takes a little more to understand, is more complex and takes more time to develop solutions for. Here’s an example of one such complexity involving complex work patters, pay and tax.

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Good, Bad and Ugly Job Adverts

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 28th February 2019.6 min read

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Writing a job advert is a test of communications brilliance - or communications stupidity. Yet, many managers believe that by asking for passion or enthusiasm or by describing the boredom of a job, great candidates are going to apply. So just what is the role of the job advert and what should a job advert contain.

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Developing an exit plan

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 28th February 2019.7 min read

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At some stage it will be right for those who start the firm to stop, close it or transfer it to someone else. It will be time to Turn! Turn! Turn! But how should this be done and over what timescale? The answer to this conundrum is to develop an exit plan, and the sooner the better after start-up. At least if a plan exists, it can be revised year by year.

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In search of an optimum reporting structure

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 28th February 2019.4 min read

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There’s no rule about how many people one manager should have reporting to them. For effective leadership the leader must build the dyadic relationship with every follower. If the manager has too many direct reports his or her leadership will weaken while too reports with too much time on each few stifles. So what's the ideal reporting structure?

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Assessment centres as methods of personnel selection

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 28th February 2019.6 min read

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An assessment centre is where a number of candidates participate together, undertaking exercises as selection tests while being observed and rated by multiple assessors. The candidates are effectively in competition. Assessment centres can replace interviews and a host of other tools as methods of employee selection but they are misunderstood and controversial. Here's why.

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