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Why your volunteers are leaving

Blog Post

Written by John Berry on 12th November 2020. Revised 18th February 2021.

8 min read

There has been some indication that youth workers are now quitting their volunteer posts in significant numbers. As the pandemic evolves and new periods of lockdown are implemented, it is imperative that all managers of volunteers increase their level of supportive management. Many managers will not be capable of doing this and will themselves need help.

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How will work and the workhome change post-Covid?

Blog Post

Written by John Berry on 27th January 2021. Revised 31st January 2021.

10 min read

A number of modern trends, along with the upset of the Covid virus, have put pressure on firms to accept more flexibility in the way their employees work. Arguably, flexibility and working from home can enhance wellbeing. The drivers for lasting change are there. But so are the difficulties. Time will tell if flexibility and home working take hold universally.

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The Role of Competency in Staff Development

Blog Post

Written by Sue Berry on 1st November 2017. Revised 27th January 2021.

9 min read

This article explores effective staff development showcasing a simple but effective competency framework model that can be used by any firm of any size and complexity to explore their competence gap. To understand competence gap you need to know what competencies you have now, what you need for the future, and how you are going to develop your people to bridge the gap.

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Performance assessment
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Achieving the four-day working week

Blog Post

Written by John Berry on 20th November 2018. Revised 27th January 2021.

6 min read

The issue is not if a four-day week would be beneficial to the nation and to its people. That argument’s been made and there are plenty of examples of how well it works. The issue is that our firms are incapable of reducing the working week because shareholders aren’t in it for the long term. And our employees aren’t prepared to earn less or invest in themselves either. It's impasse - but here's an action plan.

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What does gender pay gap tell us about society?

Blog Post

Written by Sue Berry on 25th April 2018. Revised 13th January 2021.

10 min read

We know that men and women must be paid equally for jobs of equal value so we can assume that pay discrimination is not the explanation for the recently reported gender pay gaps in most organisations. Our analysis suggests that the cause is something much, much deeper. Deep in society. And no amount of castigating employers will fix it. As a society, universally, women are paid less than men. And we have to fix the attitudes that cause this - in the family, schools and society as a whole.

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Gender Pay Gap Median Explanation

Applying management science to everyday events


Written by John Berry on 29th December 2020. Revised 6th January 2021.

1 min read

A series of blogs for 2021, designed to be consumed as podcasts, but using a single overview slide. Each is on a single management topic or everyday event. Each takes less than three minutes to consume. Just click to view the list and get the latest.

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