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Redundancy - Questions employees will ask

Article Written by Sue Berry on 18th February 2016. Revised 11th December 2018. Reading time: 3 minutes.

Your staff are going to have a whole series of questions which you will need to address as you go through the redundancy process. We've pulled together some of the more important questions that you are going to be asked, and presented them for you here. They range from questions about contractors to simple things like whether companions can attend meetings.

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Redundancy: Get It Right!

White Paper Written by Sue Berry on 30th December 2010. Revised 11th December 2018. Reading time: 23 minutes.

All firms make jobs (and those employed in them) redundant. Redundancy is normal. It’s the manager adjusting the firm to match the new environment in which it trades and operates. But redundancy is complex. It can kill the firm if badly run. Tap our experience to run safe. This white paper shows managers how to implement a fair and robust redundancy process that dismisses the right people. Call us for more.

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Free Level 7 Manager Development Programme

Article Written by John Berry & Sue Berry on 14th March 2018. Revised 10th December 2018. Reading time: 8 minutes.

Around 80% of UK managers are untrained in people-management. Just think about the improvement in your organisation's lot if it were the other way. We offer a nine-month programme covering hiring, managing and developing people in 18 webinars and 3 workshops. It's for managers who want the Level 7 knowledge and skills without the assessment from formal courses. And it's completely free of charge. Can you think of managers in your own firm who don’t have the skills and knowledge to effectively manage people?

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Achieving the four-day working week

Opinion Written by John Berry on 20th November 2018. Revised 28th November 2018. Reading time: 4 minutes.

The issue is not if a four-day week would be beneficial to the nation and to its people. That argument’s been made and there are plenty of examples of how well it works. The issue is that our firms are incapable of reducing the working week because shareholders aren’t in it for the long term. And our employees aren’t prepared to earn less or invest in themselves either. It's impasse - but here's an action plan.

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Effective recruitment tools

Article Written by John Berry on 28th November 2018. Reading time: 3 minutes.

All managers will interview candidates for jobs with their firm. Each interview, as the single selection instrument, must be designed to give evidence against all decision criteria. Interview alone is unable to be that good. Indeed, no single selection instrument is that good. We recommend the use of a number of ‘tools’ to support the interview. Read about those tools here.

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Sustaining enterprise and asset value during company sale

Opinion Written by John Berry on 27th November 2018. Reading time: 4 minutes.

Some owners think of selling ahead of time and set dates and plans. Some get to a point where they’ve had enough. Others unexpectedly realise that the firm has huge value and decide to cash in while they can. And when owners elect to sell, everything happens quickly – and often without thought for the employees. This blog highlights actions to secure enterprise and asset value when selling a firm or its assets.

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Psychometric testing in recruitment and selection: a focus on personality tests

Opinion Written by Sue Berry on 28th September 2012. Revised 27th November 2018. Reading time: 3 minutes.

There are four primary instruments that should be used to conduct a robust selection process during recruitment - the aptitude test, the personality profile, work sample tests and a structured interview. This blog focuses on the personality profile, which is one tool in a suite of psychometric tests.

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