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The Role of Competency in Staff Development

Blog PostWritten by Sue Berry on 1st November 2017. Revised 13th July 2019.8 min read

This article explores effective staff development showcasing a simple but effective competency framework model that can be used by any firm of any size and complexity to explore their competence gap. To understand competence gap you need to know what competencies you have now, what you need for the future, and how you are going to develop your people to bridge the gap.

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Employing contractors and agency workers

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 6th July 2017. Revised 13th July 2019.10 min read

Companies exist because they are the most efficient way of an entrepreneur gaining the services of others. And yet many gain the services of those working in their own firms, as sole-traders (or self-employed) and via agencies. This blog aims to elaborate on the simple case of workers employed by a firm to provide a complete understanding of the possible relationships between entrepreneurs and their companies and workers.

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Wrongful dismissal, unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal – what’s the difference?

ArticleWritten by John Berry on 10th May 2017. Revised 13th July 2019.3 min read

Some managers are aware of the difference between the various types of dismissal that may be executed on an employee. There is an assumption that tribunal claims can only be made where a person has service at least longer than some qualifying period. This is not actually true; there are instances where employee can take an employer to tribunal without any qualifying period of service.

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Dismissing an employee with under two year’s service

ArticleWritten by Sue Berry on 22nd July 2017. Revised 13th July 2019.5 min read

Technically, you can tell an employee that you no longer require them to work for you. You can pay them their notice and invite them to leave. Provided that you have no contractual obligation to use a protracted procedure, you might get away with this course of action. Fair dismissal is narrow and well-defined and hence so too is unfair dismissal.

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Redundancy: Get It Right!

White PaperWritten by Sue Berry on 1st May 2017. Revised 13th July 2019.32 min read

All firms make jobs (and those employed in them) redundant. Redundancy is normal. It’s the manager adjusting the firm to match the new environment in which it trades and operates. But redundancy is complex. It can kill the firm if badly run. Tap our experience to run safe. This white paper shows managers how to implement a fair and robust redundancy process that dismisses the right people. Call us for more.

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Establishing the manager-employee relationship: Trimester 1, Webinar 1

VideoWritten by John Berry on 30th May 2019. Revised 2nd June 2019.1 min read

• Introduction to management - interventions, outcomes and the use of a feedback model to drive action.
• How firms come about and the role of entrepreneur, leader, manager, contractor and employee.
• Understanding contracts and the nature of the various contracts available to the manager.
• Introducing the psychological contract and the way social action changes contractual relations.

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