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The fallacy of the disciplinary procedure

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 5th May 2017.5 min read

process flow

Many firms use a single corrective action procedure for all instances where they wish to tackle specific issues in an employee covering behaviour, capability and sickness. This single procedure is generally referred to as the disciplinary procedure. ACAS, the employment advisory service, supports this single procedure approach.

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No redundancy procedure? Build one now!

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 3rd May 2017.4 min read

Job Cuts

Redundancy occurs when a firm finds that it has a ‘diminished need for work of a particular kind’. When a firm decides that it does indeed have need of less labour, it must follow its own published procedures in making staff redundant and these procedures must be fair and lawful. But if you don't have a redundancy procedure, you will trip!

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Industrial Strategy Boosting Technical Skills

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 1st May 2017.4 min read


Theresa May has announced that the UK is going to counteract the effects of Brexit by launching an industrial strategy. This strategy is to contain a ‘shake up’ of technical education. But what technical education do we need?

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Managing restrictive covenants

OpinionWritten by Sue Berry on 4th May 2017.5 min read

Employment Contract

So what happens when someone jumps ship to a competitor and has a restrictive covenant in their contract of employment? Restrictive covenants bind employee to neither solicit, compete, deal nor poach. Restrictive covenants are difficult to enforce, involving complex discussions and communications. Read here how to proceed.

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When dealing with grievance, disciplinary and absence

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 3rd May 2017.4 min read

Relaxed manager

There’s a common theme amongst the absences, grievances, disciplinaries, performance management and general people management issues that managers face. It’s that managers don’t act. When dealing with grievance, disciplinary and absence. managers must act swiftly. This blog explains the psychological, legal and money implication of dithering.

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Stress in the Workplace

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 3rd May 2017.6 min read

Stressed Employee

Stress seems to be the one word that reduces otherwise competent managers to gibbering wrecks. It's every manager's nightmare. There is a direct link between stress and long term sickness absence. And often stress issues become long term sickness absence. Act now. Here's how.

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