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Employed under whose jurisdiction?

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 1st May 2017.5 min read

Flags of the nations

UK firms cannot employ workers in other countries under UK law. Employment law and regulations are very different abroad. Firms wanting to employ staff abroad need to get specialist help. Here are some of the issues.

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So you think you can interview?

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 12th March 2018.6 min read

Ladies interview

Most managers think they can interview. Many even believe that they are good at it. And yet precious few have been trained and fewer still understand the true role of interviewing in ensuring fairness and valid assessment. Simply, structured interviews win. But they must be built vacancy by vacancy. Here's how to improve the predictive ability of your interviews.

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Recruit like a punter: rationalise

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 6th March 2018.5 min read

Horse Race

There are three approaches that humans take to make decisions - automatic, neuralistic and rational. Only one - rational - has any place in recruitment and selection. Automatic helps us survive. Neuralistic is fine for incident commanders. But only rational works for hiring decisions. here's why.

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Six ways to avoid hiring square pegs for round holes

OpinionWritten by Sue Berry on 7th February 2018.6 min read


Perhaps you employed someone and you later found that they don't quite meet the role requirements; they somehow don't fit. Or, you moved someone into a new role and they just didn't perform as well as they used to. Here's how to avoid such mismatch between the person and the job.

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Accidental managers heighten stress

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 4th February 2018.7 min read


In the UK, we get the idea that our staff need to be technically trained, but we have little or no understanding that the job of 'manager' is neither innate nor obvious. It can't just be learned by trial and error. Simply, we don't train our managers and, as a nation, this lack of management training is killing us. Here's what to do.

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Talent is a thing – a very measurable, valuable thing

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 15th January 2018.8 min read

BBC Broadcasting House

On BBC Radio 4, Margaret Heffernan, the writer and entrepreneur, mounts an attack on the idea that talent is a good predictor of future performance - and hence it should not be used in recruitment selection. Her article is a good listen but a bit muddled. Here we clarify and suggest that talent is not the useless thing that Margaret Heffernan suggests, but a multi-dimensional set of characteristics about each candidate that need to be known before making a job offer.

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