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Employing Foreign Workers in the UK

Blog PostWritten by Sue Berry on 27th June 2018. Revised 28th August 2020.11 min read

The UK is suffering a massive skills and labour shortage. Whilst we hear a lot about the NHS, any manager in a technology-centric business will tell a similar story – we simply have too few engineers and scientists. Employing overseas workers can help. This article discusses how you apply for a visa sponsorship licence and go on to have a foreign worker apply for a visa. This article is up to date at 20th August 2020 and will be kept up to date as the UK Government explains its future visa policy.

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About payments when making furloughed staff redundant

Blog PostWritten by John Berry & Sue Berry on 28th June 2020. Revised 27th August 2020.4 min read

Pay as present leading up to the notice of redundancy, and pay both notice and redundancy pay based on normal wages. The firm is liable under statute for both notice and redundancy payments. We believe it wrong to use Government payments intended to keep the firm afloat to meet the firm’s redundancy payment obligations. Here's our rationale.

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Power play in performance appraisals

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 3rd May 2017. Revised 18th August 2020.7 min read

Performance appraisals are worthwhile. Manager and subordinate sitting down together to review performance over the past year provides huge benefit. But for many it’s a time of dread. Unless controlled, both parties will use their power to distort the performance appraisal outcomes in their favour.

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Solutions for career management in SMEs

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 23rd November 2017. Revised 28th June 2020.5 min read

People believe that they must move up to progress. But in an SME, that’s rarely possible. Modern SMEs have flat structures and opportunities to move ‘up’ are few. So it’s often assumed that ambitious staff in SMEs have to leave to advance. To give careers in SMEs management and staff must e re-defined 'progress' on a personal level. It’s the taking on of greater responsibility, making greater contribution to the business and gaining greater personal achievement. Here's how progress becomes career.

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How will the Supreme Court ruling on tribunals affect employers?

Blog PostWritten by Sue Berry on 23rd August 2017. Revised 28th June 2020.4 min read

Employment tribunals in England and Wales and Scotland deal with disputes between employer and employee. Fees are no longer payable. Just because there are no fees does not mean access to informal and speedy justice. Employment tribunals are neither informal, nor are they speedy. In principle, all grievance could move from tribunal to company procedures. This needs high trust by employees on management. There’s significant benefit for management striving to be a high trust firm. Here's how..

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Bringing all employees back to work

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 31st May 2020. Revised 17th June 2020.6 min read

There will be a small proportion of vulnerable employees who won’t feel safe whatever you do. In the end, when you have done all that you can some employees will have to be dismissed by reasons of capability. You may have to discuss with them that, in the new normal that is coronavirus, it may simply be that they will never feel safe in your firm.

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