Webinar 5 – Designing decision tools: making sure you select the best

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Webinar 5 – Designing decision tools: making sure you select the best

16th November 2018
Presented by John Berry & Sue Berry

In the present, broken system, once bombarded with CVs, the hiring manager selects using their gut; echoing the recruitment consultant, saying “I think this person will be good for us”. They’ll not base that assertion on evidence. They’ll not have discovered traits that allow such prediction.

Candidates are compared. Gut feel suggests one is somehow more attractive than another and a decision made. But are the decision criteria valid? Will the selected candidate excel? Is he or she only the best of a mediocre bunch? The hiring manager has no way to tell.

Poor selection quality leads to employees quitting later once in the job, either being pushed by their manager or jumping themselves because they realise they don’t fit.

Let us show you how to design high-quality, high-validity selection tools that you can use during your interview and selection process.


In this webinar we’ll:

  • Emphasise that in deciding at interview and selection, you’re predicting who will excel;
  • Illustrate the various selection tools available and show their ability to predict accurately;
  • Discuss the key tools like general mental ability, personality and other psychometric tests;
  • Show you how to build work sample tests; and
  • Set out how you should go about interviewing to give good predictability.

By the close, you’ll understand how to build an interview and selection process and how to make sound decisions using tools.

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About the Presenters

John Berry

John is an alumnus of Loughborough University of Technology, the Open University Business School and Birkbeck, University of London, in engineering, management and organisational psychology. He has run technology and engineering companies and led R&D activities in SMEs and multi-nationals for over 30 years. He has been instrumental in driving public and corporate policy across technology and engineering for firms and governments. In a global career, John has led teams in 32 countries. He is a Chartered Manager and a Chartered Engineer.

Sue Berry

Over the past 30 years Sue has led the human resource function in several firms, heading up and driving organisational improvement and change across chemicals, aerospace, education and charities sectors. She has been instrumental in shaping relationships between people and organisations in pursuit of growth and prosperity for all. Sue is an alumna of Newcastle University, De Montfort University and the Open University in education, human resource management and psychology & economics. She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.

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