Webinar 4 – Expanding the search: finding the best candidates

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Webinar 4 – Expanding the search: finding the best candidates

9th November 2018
Presented by John Berry & Sue Berry

Recruitment consultants get paid on success with a one-in-three success rate. So, a hiring manager paying a fee for one success is paying for two failures. And it’s a volume business relying on shipping enough CVs to the hiring manager that he or she finds at least one of interest.

Recruitment consultancies are not staffed by managers with selection experience, nor by psychologists who understand people, but by sales agents selling other humans, just as estate agents sell houses.

The recruitment agents then search the five or six main Internet jobs boards. For most skilled jobs, demand dramatically exceeds supply. High competence workers are not on those boards for long. So, the chances of finding someone who will excel is not high.

It’s a broken system.

Attend our webinar and we’ll show how you should go about your search campaign.


In this webinar we’ll:

  • Help you understand the mechanisms of search, considering the time candidates are available;
  • Help you decide which search methods to use for each type of job;
  • Explain the process you should use to probe the labour market and set up your search;
  • Discuss what to do when searching (and what not to do); and
  • Set out the plethora of alternative sources of good candidates.

By the close, you’ll realise how inefficient and ineffective search using recruitment consultants is. You’ll learn how to search with greater freedom. In so doing you’ll learn how to reduce recruitment costs and hugely increase the chance of success.

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About the Presenters

John Berry

John is an alumnus of Loughborough University of Technology, the Open University Business School and Birkbeck, University of London, in engineering, management and organisational psychology. He has run technology and engineering companies and led R&D activities in SMEs and multi-nationals for over 30 years. He has been instrumental in driving public and corporate policy across technology and engineering for firms and governments. In a global career, John has led teams in 32 countries. He is a Chartered Manager and a Chartered Engineer.

Sue Berry

Over the past 30 years Sue has led the human resource function in several firms, heading up and driving organisational improvement and change across chemicals, aerospace, education and charities sectors. She has been instrumental in shaping relationships between people and organisations in pursuit of growth and prosperity for all. Sue is an alumna of Newcastle University, De Montfort University and the Open University in education, human resource management and psychology & economics. She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.

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