Online/Face-to-Face Workshop – How do I recruit the best?

Online/Face-to-Face Workshop – How do I recruit the best?

7th December 2018
WorkshopPresented by John Berry & Sue Berry

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The workshop provides an opportunity for managers to discuss the issues covered in the six webinars. The focus is on discussion. Since we begin by reviewing the webinar content, partcipants need not have completed the webinar programme.

The six webinars covered these topics:

  • Why the present approach to recruitment and selection is broken and, in detail, the changes needed;
  • Why defining the right jobs is key to recruitment and selection, how jobs can be crafted to provide maximum motivation;
  • Why the selection criteria must be developed early in the search activity and, in detail, the criteria to use;
  • The search activity, where to look and the search methods, extending into what to do to attract candidates to you;
  • Interviewing, testing and other tools using the criteria to optimally predict who will excel; and
  • Making offers and how to close the deal and ensure that the best accept the firm’s job offer.

In the workshop, we briefly review the key points of the six webinars and then pose a number of big questions to stimulate further questions and discussion.

Participants discuss together. Those online can interject and make points just as those physically present.


09:30 - Arrive, coffee & Danish pastries
09:45 - Introduction
10:00 - Presentations and round-table discussions
12:00 - Wrap-up discussion
12:15 - End

In this simultaneous online and face-to-face meeting, we’ll review the complete recruitment and selection activity and illustrate an approach that will find the right candidates and use selection methods that optimally predict who will excel once in the job.

By the close, you’ll understand the changes that you might make to your own processes to improve your recruitment and selection quality.


Online and at The Birch Hotel. Lewes Rd, Haywards Heath, RH17 7SF

About the Presenters

John Berry

Sue Berry

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This is a past event and ticket sales have finished.

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