Employment contracts, capability dismissal, redundancy … and all that jazz!

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Employment contracts, capability dismissal, redundancy … and all that jazz!


Written by Sue Berry on 30th August 2019. Revised 10th May 2023.

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SupportTimelessTime has been providing support to clients for over 15 years on the themes of human resource management and organisational development. In that time, we have advised thousands of managers on a wide variety of subjects – some straightforward and some very complex.

In some cases, firms were just starting out. In others, they were downsizing, selling up and even stopping activities all-together. Most though were just evolving their scope. But all needed to have their people maximise contribution to the business.

We get involved directly. Directly with managers in client firms.

Our consultants are experienced HR and OD professionals who become trusted advisors to our clients. We’re not a call centre. We don’t just provide template documents. We listen, we analyse, we discuss the problem and determine with the managers the best course of action. We stay with the manager until his or her issue is resolved. And we provide template letters and documents when needed.

We use our expert knowledge in law, psychology, economics and generally in management science to support the manager.

With enhanced understanding of both problem and solution, and armed with template documents and process maps, the manager can deal with the issue safely. They know what to do – and why.

Our aim is simple – to have the manager resolve their issue and learn so that next time, they won’t need us! We mentor the manager, facilitating their management development. We aim to help them learn to navigate the people management path to provide their teams with fair and robust management and sound leadership.

And if change is needed, change is based on evidence.

“What allows us to do this?”, I hear you ask.

TimelessTime consultants have themselves been managers, running teams locally and worldwide for many years. They’ve experienced all manner of management problems. Emotionally, they’ve been where their client is. They’ve navigated their way through the same problems. They understand and have the tools and experience to help.

So, what type of support calls have we dealt with in the last 15 years?

Here are a few examples:

  • Transfers of employees between firms in takeovers and mergers,
  • Making foreign and expatriate staff redundant,
  • Managing long-term sickness absence,
  • Setting up loans to cover employee hardship,
  • Managing the process when employees leave to join competitors,
  • Dealing with over and underpayments of salary,
  • Management of employee grievances,
  • Management of disciplinaries and
  • Managing death in service.

This is a tiny sample. Our support is varied and extensive. Some issues take a quick call to support the manger. In other cases several phone calls, many email exchanges and supply of template documents are needed. In each case the manager gets the tools and the knowledge needed to resolve the situation.

Here are some comments about our service.

“When I had shops and 27 staff I used another service for HR issues; but I wish I’d used TimelessTime. More personal and responsible and they know what they are talking about”.

“Your thoughts and advice helped me considerably in constructing what I think turned out to be a reasonably coherent report. So, thank you very much”.

And this is a comment to one of our clients from a solicitor, “It appears that you are being well advised by TimelessTime on matters surrounding human resources and how to maintain a content and efficient workforce and I strongly suggest that you continue to accept and act on their advice”.

Check out our case study to see what the CEO of Turun UK has to say.

Using Timeless SUPPORT couldn’t be easier. You can email or telephone at any time to get help. One of our experienced consultants will talk with you, help you work out what needs to be done and then provide support documents where relevant. And all this from as little as £58 per month. If you’re not part of our support community give us a call, or use our call back service on the website to find out more.