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Building internal management training with BYPM3

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Written by John Berry on 17th April 2023.0

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Training of employees as managers must, of course, be targeted to their needs – needs to take on new skills and learn new knowledge or needs to recover old rusty competencies. And determination of needs is a matter of analysis by senior managers.

But when it comes to actually delivering management training, Because Your People Matter: a playbook for managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders, is a perfect source of material.

The four-box model of talent management
The four-box model of talent management: one of 95 figures in BYPM3
There are many topics that you would likely identify in management as typical, nay essential. And these are featured in our third edition of Because Your People Matter: a playbook for managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Here are some examples, with references to pages in the book.

• Managing projects to embrace quality – pages 101 through 102, focussing on understanding quality, and implementing the core quality assurance activities we suggest. Done as a two-hour face-to-face or online discussion using the book as reference.

• Making changes to company processes and systems – pages 292 through 294, experiencing the process of identifying changes to make. Practical session analysing different systemic problems with discussion on how to plan and monitor outcomes.

• Determining how to go about assessing performance and then how to determine pan-organisational performance improvement – pages 147 through 151. Then adding how to use performance appraisals and objective setting – pages 151 to 168. A whole day session discussing performance, appraisals, and objectives.

We could go on. The whole book is in effect a series of mini-training sessions. Or it’s a whole series of CBT (computer-based training) events. And, since the topics we cover span the whole manager task, it’s easy to use the book as a personal and group development resource.

Handing out this book avoids time researching and assembling resources.

Contact the authorsNow, whilst we’d be delighted if senior managers were to by single copies of this book via Amazon for the RRP, we’re also happy to give generous discounts for volume purchase. Contact us direct.