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The manager's role in managing employee mental health

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 13th June 2019. Revised 16th June 2019.8 min read

There’s been a plethora of articles in the management press and in management-oriented social media recently declaring that mental health is a big issue in firms. Here we temper this alarmism and give a practical three point plan comprising knowledge, awareness and sensing and intervention.

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Setting reward - practicalities of pay and benefits: Trimester 1, Webinar 4

Audio VisualWritten by Sue Berry on 28th May 2019. Revised 3rd June 2019.1 min read

• How people think about pay and reward.
• The link (if any) between motivation and pay.
• Setting out a pay and reward policy, structure and system for a firm.
• How to evaluate jobs and set relative pay.
• The benefit of benefits and the idea of total reward.

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Establishing the manager-employee relationship: Trimester 1, Webinar 1

Audio VisualWritten by John Berry on 30th May 2019. Revised 2nd June 2019.1 min read

• Introduction to management - interventions, outcomes and the use of a feedback model to drive action.
• How firms come about and the role of entrepreneur, leader, manager, contractor and employee.
• Understanding contracts and the nature of the various contracts available to the manager.
• Introducing the psychological contract and the way social action changes contractual relations.

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Winning staff commitment and job-engagement: Trimester 1, Webinar 2

Audio VisualWritten by Sue Berry on 30th May 2019.01 min read

• Understanding how people (HRM) practices determine personal and organisational outcomes.
• Learn methods of gaining employee commitment to the organisation.
• Learn the definition of motivation and how people become motivated and on what motivation depends.
• Learn methods that the manager can use to ensure the employee's engagement with their job.
• Understanding how to design management interventions to effect change in organisational outcomes.

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Fostering innovation and changing culture: Trimester 1, Webinar 3

Audio VisualWritten by John Berry on 30th May 2019.01 min read

• Defining innovation and the role of innovation in achieving competitive advantage.
• Understanding how people come to innovate.
• Understanding why it's essential to get the right culture to have employees innovate.
• Defining culture and how to express and drive culture change.
• Determining how to achieve innovation in an organisation.

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Motivating and setting objectives to drive performance: Trimester 1, Webinar 5

Audio VisualWritten by John Berry on 28th May 2019.01 min read

• Defining the performance of a worker in a job and establishing the link between motivation and performance.
• Revisiting the role of the job and job design on motivation.
• Understanding the role of the job description in objective setting.
• Introducing some theory of objectives and the natural human desire to strive to achieve goals.
• learning practical goal setting and introducing the reality of performance appraisal.

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