Setting Objectives and Appraising Performance

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About Management: Setting Objectives and Appraising Performance

30th March 2021
Presented by John Berry & Sue Berry

Chapter 6: Setting Objectives and Appraising Performance

The idea behind objective setting and performance appraisal is simple enough, but the complex comes in doing it right.

Objectives have a key role in performance management. We show you why it’ important to have measurable objectives, that whilst stretching are not unachievable.

During the appraisal process, it’s very easy to catastrophically damage trust and the psychological contract. That’s why those who are invited to offer a rating on an employee should be decided with care.

We consider timescales, metrics, process and we consider the do’s and don’ts of objective setting and performance appraisals.

We leave you with the final critical question - how is it that you want your employee to leave the appraisal meeting?

What is Exevid: All About Management

Exevid – ‘from evidence’- is a concept whereby there is no ‘best practice’, only management practice that is right for the firm’s situation and that is supported by evidence from research and experience. The material is taken from our book, Because Your People Matter: a playbook for management excellence.

All About Management is a 30-minute presentation giving an overview of one aspect of management. It’s followed by some time for questions from attendees. We also hope to instil an inquisitiveness in each participant so that they will read further on the topic.

How does it work?

Each month we select a different discussion topic. We kick off at 3:30pm and end the presentation around 4:00pm. We then answer questions for as long as they flow.


Each month we introduce, explain and take questions from attendees on a particular aspect of management.

The sessions last just one hour. The eleven topics are taken from our book Because Your People Matter: a playbook for management excellence. But no purchase or reading is necessary.

Topics span strategy, operations, leadership, recruitment and selection, management psychology, performance, HR, training, wellbeing, pay and benefits and organisational change.

Just sign up, click to open and sit back and listen to practical information. All management approaches and methods introduced are easily digested and readily recalled. At the end of the presentation we’ll take your questions.

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Online. UK-wide participation

This webinar is held online using GoToMeeting.

About the Presenters

John Berry

John is an alumnus of Loughborough University of Technology, the Open University Business School and Birkbeck, University of London, in engineering, management and organisational psychology. He has run technology and engineering companies and led R&D activities in SMEs and multi-nationals for over 30 years. He has been instrumental in driving public and corporate policy across technology and engineering for firms and governments. In a global career, John has led teams in 32 countries. He is a Chartered Manager and a Chartered Engineer.

Sue Berry

Over the past 30 years Sue has led the human resource function in several firms, heading up and driving organisational improvement and change across chemicals, aerospace, education and charities sectors. She has been instrumental in shaping relationships between people and organisations in pursuit of growth and prosperity for all. Sue is an alumna of Newcastle University, De Montfort University and the Open University in education, human resource management and psychology & economics. She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.

General FAQs

Your questions answered

How many people are on the sessions?

We limit the number of attendees to 20 people; any more and people will find it difficult to get their questions answered.

When do you run the sessions?

We run them from 3:30pm to 4:30pm every month on the last Tuesday of the month.

Can I access the forum from anywhere?

Yes, you can. All you need is access to a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC. You’ll need a headset for privacy.

What is the cost of the sessions?

There is no charge for participation on the Exevid: All About Management sessions.

Do I need to buy the book?

No. In delivering the sessions, we won’t assume that you have it and have read it. But if you do want to purchase a paperback or eBook, or find out more, head over to our book website.

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