Job Description Tool Guidance

Job Description Tool Resources

Job Description Building Tool Our tool has been designed to support you in the building of your firm's job desciptions. The resources accessed from this page support the work you have done in the job development tool.

Developing meaningful accountabilities

Use this action verbs list to help you frame the accountabilities.
Remember that the activities themselves have inputs, processes and outputs, allowing the accountabilities to be developed using the syntax 'do something --> to something --> to achieve a result'. This list of action verbs will help you frame the first part of each accountability.

Job description template

Download this word document and update it with the job description information emailed to you. Change the TimelessTime logo for own and alter the font to match your own branding.

You can also download an example job description example to help you finanlise yours.

Other resources

This section provides links to articles and informaiton on our website that will help you in your understanding of the use and power of job descriptions.