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HR Contribution Assessor Tool

To get the most from your organisation you must have sound management practices. Research suggests that there are five HR management practices criteria which, if optimised, will enable an organisation to excel.

Those five span how a firm recruits, how its managers lead, how it rewards performance, how it develops its people for the future and how it manages those who fall short of expectations.

Using this tool you'll be able to see for yourself how effective your curent practices are within your business. And you'll see areas of people-management that you might like to think about improving.

When you're done, let's chat about how you can implement those changes.

How to use this tool

Simply read the statements below and select how closely you agree with each. Then click on 'get my results' to see how you match the ideal firm. You'll get an instant report that you can use with your management team.

  • Your employees exploit extensive knowledge (of products, services and customers) in doing their jobs.
  • You ensure that you hire the very best people with ready-to-use skills for each job you recruit.
  • You have a very cohesive and consistent set of HR practices across your organisation and these are applied equitably to all employees.
  • Your employee relations are excellent with staff and managers working in partnership rather than in hierarchy.
  • You balance the use of permanent staff with contract workers to be able to quickly reduce staff costs when workload reduces.
  • You have an absolute lack of hierarchy, management offer clear leadership, staff and managers give feedback to one another and there is visible teamwork throughout.
  • Your staff and management are completely focussed on satisfying customers.
  • You give employees the ability to earn stock or virtual stock in the firm and hence earn a share of the profits.
  • You have a clear incentive scheme where employees earn as they meet their objectives.
  • Your benefits (such as pensions, sick pay, private medical insurance and discount on purchases) are the best in the employment market.
  • Your pay and salaries for employees are in the top 10% of your industry segment.
  • You share a significant amount of business information on your firm plans and performance with employees and encourage feedback and opinion.
  • You allow your employees to direct their own personal development and encourage them to do work that builds their own value in the employment market.
  • You solicit employee feedback, consider and evaluate it and act on it.
  • You reward those employees who perform well and demonstrate the attitudes and skills that the business needs in the future. You manage those with historic attitudes and skills.
  • You shun complacency and excessively low staff turnover, instead embracing recruitment of new blood where appropriate.
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