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Free Level 7 Manager Development Programme

Article Written by John Berry & Sue Berry on 14th March 2018. Revised 15th July 2018. Reading time: 7 minutes.

Around 80% of UK managers are untrained in people-management. Just think about the improvement in your organisation's lot if it were the other way. We offer a nine-month programme covering hiring, managing and developing people in 18 webinars and 3 workshops. It's for managers who want the Level 7 knowledge and skills without the assessment from formal courses. And it's completely free of charge. Can you think of managers in your own firm who don’t have the skills and knowledge to effectively manage people?

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Opportunity favours the prepared manager

Opinion Written by John Berry on 16th June 2018. Revised 15th July 2018. Reading time: 4 minutes.

Realising strategy is not planning exactly what to do – because beyond a few short sprints, you don’t know. It’s about developing a purpose, a broad strategy, a trajectory, and from this, a plan of the capability to be realised. Then you’re ready for almost anything.

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Inaction is costly! Return to Work Plans Are Free

Article Written by Sue Berry on 14th December 2016. Revised 15th July 2018. Reading time: 6 minutes.

It’s not always easy to know what to do when someone goes off sick. How long do you wait until you speak to them? Can you make decisions when they are off sick? Can you contact them? So many questions!

One thing that is certain – the longer you wait to deal with sickness absence , the harder it becomes. Find out what you should do, and when.

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Managing the gig economy

Opinion Written by John Berry on 21st June 2018. Revised 15th July 2018. Reading time: 5 minutes.

The gig economy describes the present state where workers need not necessarily be employed by a firm. They can be engaged for the duration of a ‘gig’, after which they stand down until needed again some time later. There can be advantages for managers to employ workers or the self-employed instead of employees. Read how.

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New roles in product-based software solutions

Opinion Written by John Berry on 27th June 2018. Revised 15th July 2018. Reading time: 3 minutes.

Many software development firms pride themselves in being able to tackle almost any software task. They elicit requirements, or build prototypes, and code databases, business logic, algorithms and user interfaces without any particular market or industry focus. Others productise. Over time they standardise and focus. But what new jobs are needed to make this happen?

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Our Solutions in Human Resource Management

Article Written by John Berry on 9th May 2017. Revised 15th July 2018. Reading time: 2 minutes.

To succeed, a firm must determine its strategy and follow its plans to fruition. Part of that strategy must define how the firm proposes to deal with the people it employs. Human resource management policies, practices and procedures embellish the employment contract between management and staff. This contract is framed by documents but made real by management action. This blog sets out what's needed.

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What to do when hearing about possible harassment

Opinion Written by Sue Berry on 23rd November 2017. Revised 15th July 2018. Reading time: 4 minutes.

There's been a flurry of high profile cases with celebrities and MPs being accused of sexual harassment. In the workplace, the employer should deal with allegations of harassment. For harassment to be deemed to have taken place the alleged behaviour must have had either purpose or effect. Suspension is normal in any case where investigation would be hampered. The investigator then develops a report, setting out all the evidence. A decision is made based on ‘reasonable belief’. Here's more on the process.

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