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Free Level 7 Manager Development Programme

Article New! Written by John Berry & Sue Berry on 14th March 2018. Reading time: 7 minutes.

If you're reading this, there's an 80% chance that you don't have the skills to manage your people. Just think about the improvement in your organisation's lot if it were the other way. We offer a nine-month programme covering hiring, managing and developing people in 18 webinars and 3 workshops. It's for managers who want the Level 7 knowledge and skills without the assessment from formal courses. And it's completely free of charge.

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So you think you can interview?

Opinion New! Written by John Berry on 12th March 2018. Reading time: 4 minutes.

Most managers think they can interview. Many even believe that they are good at it. And yet precious few have been trained and fewer still understand the true role of interviewing in ensuring fairness and valid assessment. Simply, structured interviews win. But they must be built vacancy by vacancy. Here's how to improve the predictive ability of your interviews.

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How to Employ Foreign Workers Abroad

Opinion Written by John Berry on 2nd May 2017. Reading time: 16 minutes.

Managers can find it extremely attractive to ‘employ’ foreign staff resident abroad. Engaging workers in foreign countries is complex. In all cases it is better to trade at arms length through business to business agreements, paying against invoice. Workers are then employed locally. Here are all the possibilities. First published August 2014.

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Our Solutions in Recruitment and Selection

Article Written by John Berry on 9th May 2017. Reading time: 3 minutes.

Getting the right staff with the right competencies and behaviours into a firm is crucial. Getting the wrong staff – and having to dismiss – typically costs three times the person’s first year salary. Recruitment and selection is a key management activity. Getting it right is a science. TimelessTime consultants have successfully recruited well over 1,000 staff spanning the levels from director to shop-floor. Let us help you get recruitment and selection right.

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Our Solutions in Coaching and Mentoring

Article Written by John Berry on 8th May 2017. Reading time: 2 minutes.

All managers seek change in their firm’s fortunes. But there are many ways in which that change can be facilitated – through coaching, consulting, mentoring and training. Where the manager has sound management skills, it’s coaching. When their management skills are weaker than needed, it’s mentoring. Mentoring transfers knowledge. Here are the primary issues we with which we’ll engage.

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Consultant Demonstrates Its Quality

Opinion Written by John Berry on 24th April 2017. Reading time: a minute.

Compliance with the international quality standard ISO9001:2015 gives customers the necessary confidence to buy. TimelessTime has recently transitioned from ISO9001:2008 to the aspirational upgrade ISO9001:2015.

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Raising SME Manager Skills

Opinion Written by John Berry on 29th March 2017. Reading time: 2 minutes.

Management is a science. Few managers – accidental or otherwise - would dispute that claim as they struggle to motivate their staff. Management is non-obvious and must be learned. Here's a discussion about approaches.

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