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Article Written by John Berry on 18th May 2017. Reading time: a minute

Solutions Staff and TechnologyTechnology implementation can drive growth and competitive advantage, yet history is replete with failed projects.

Projects fail mostly because the designers don’t consider the users. Staff and technology are a duality.

People are nothing without technology to help them do their jobs. And technology is nothing without the human user. It’s a duality that’s often forgotten by those who specify technology and those who manage staff.

TimelessTime has extensive experience specifying both hardware and software technology and characterising the staff expected to use it.

Getting Balance

If you get the balance wrong between technology function and human competency, you’ll fail to get the right capability. Thenyou’ll fail to exploit your human and technology assets and hence fail to achieve operational effectiveness.

We can help in user characterization

Let us specify the staff that you need to exploit your hardware and software technology. Let us recruit the right skills to exploit your technology. Let us train existing staff to acquire the right skills, knowledge and technology planned. Staff and technology are a duality

We can help in technology specification

Let us specify your hardware and software technology with particular users in mind. Let us build your technology around the staff employed. Let us help adjust your technology for optimum user benefit. Let us implement technology for skills that you can recruit. And let us optimize your technology to minimise stress. Staff and technology are a duality.

Our past technology work

TimelessTime consultants have specified a host of hardware and software technologies. We’ve specified and managed delivery of national e-government systems for licensing and management. And we’ve worked with multiservice teams to specify and supply military mission management systems.

We’ve specified, engineered and implemented military battlespace resource management systems. And we’ve specified, designed, managed production and marketed mobile phone and professional and consumer devices. In software applications, we’ve specified designed, marketed and sold software applications and ICT systems.

Our past work in people-management

TimelessTime consultants have helped a host of managers realise the competencies needed in their organisations. We’ve complete up-skilling plans for organisations. Often these organisations that find markets and operational requirements change and skills must rise to remain competitive and effective. We’ve implemented up-skilling through long-term staff development and where staff development has proved impossible, we’ve recruited. And we’ve implemented departmental and organisational restructure and redundancies in light of technology implementation.

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