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Article Written by John Berry on 9th May 2017. Reading time: 2 minutes

Getting the right staff with the right competencies and behaviours into a firm is crucial. Getting the wrong staff – and having to dismiss – typically costs three times the person’s first year salary. Recruitment and selection is a key management activity. Getting it right is a science.

TimelessTime consultants have successfully recruited well over 1,000 staff spanning the levels from director to shop-floor. Here are some of the issues we will engage with.

Recruitment: a Process

There are four parts to recruitment: analysis, search, selection and induction. Few managers embrace all four. Most focus on search. The result is often the wrong person in the wrong job. Recruitment and selection needs all four to be effective.

No Place for Guesswork

Managers can tell in seconds if they like someone. But it can take up to five hours to tell, through structured questions and tests, if a person will excel in a job. Yet all must excel for the firm’s future. Managers must embrace the science of management and people to excel in recruitment and selection.

Recruitment comprises analysis, search, selection and induction. Analysis determines the nature of the person needed and the job they’ll do. Search finds candidates.

Search determines which shortlisted candidate will excel. Induction makes sure they join and stick with the firm.

Job Analysis

Before starting the search for a new recruit, it’s critical that a job analysis is done and that job descriptions and person profiles are developed. These documents drive search. Where a firm has no strategy, it can also be useful to go back to set out the strategy. Strategy determines why new staff are needed and their skills and knowledge.

Search and Selection

There are many instances where managers may need to assess and select staff but there is no single way and no single set of tests or instruments. Assessing and selecting involves understanding the firm’s needs, understanding the roles in the firm and understating assessment and selection methods. From this, TimelessTime consultants build an assessment and selection method. This will likely make use of aptitude tests personality tests work sample tests and a structured interview. For some jobs, an assessment centre run over a day or two, may be needed to build enough evidence to tell who is the best candidate.


In as much as 30% of instances, new hires leave in the first year. After an offer is made, the activity must intensify to make sure that the new hire joins and stays. The new hire must be inducted and trained to do the job, and then their performance managed.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection involves finding good candidates and determining, through scientific methods, which will do best when working in the role.

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