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Article Written by John Berry on 10th May 2017. Revised 22nd July 2017.

Change conjures up many ideas. For us it’s the taking on of new patterns of behaviour, competency, action, belief and attitude across the staff in a whole firm or by specific groups in a firm. It’s done in pursuit of strategy in order to achieve some business outcome. But managing change is a specialist skill.

TimelessTime consultants have facilitated and managed change in a host of organisations. Here are some of the issues we’d consider when working with you.

Making Change

Managing ChangeThere are many ways to make change happen. Change must be defined in terms of new actions, beliefs and attitudes. Then those need to be put in place. Finally action is needed to make sure that the new actions, beliefs and attitudes are effective and become the norm.

Sustaining Change

Change is often easy to make. But equally often, the firm or group slips back to the old ways and the benefits are lost. Sustainability needs to be designed in to any change management programme. Effort is needed in many areas to make changes stick.

More Than Just…

So you want to be “more than just…”? You want to do great things. You want to ACHIEVE. It’s all possible. It just takes organisational change. Left to right, here’s the idea.

Practical Change

There’s much to be done. Lasting change needs many things to be right:

  • the right commitment from staff,
  • the right management style,
  • a sustained budget,
  • visionary leadership,
  • the right organisation politics,
  • enabling organisation policies,
  • enabling organisational culture
  • the right stakeholder power,
  • adequate time,
  • the right management structures and
  • an appropriate implementation method

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