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Performance appraisals: essential whatever you call them

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 20th November 2017.05 min read

Performance appraisals have come in for some serious criticism recently. And yet the books and articles written which criticise simply advocate performance appraisal by another name – or rather a collection of names. Here's an analysis of the issues.

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Winning employee commitment by granting idiosyncratic employment deals

White PaperWritten by John Berry on 21st October 2017. Revised 30th October 2017.32 min read

Commitment matters. If managers can get all staff to be committed, other management and leadership activities become possible. Without committed staff, there’s little the manager can do to achieve goals and the firm will just drift. This paper describes commitment and outlines research that shows what managers can do to achieve commitment. The research shows that there is correlation between the idiosyncratic granting of developmental opportunities and affective commitment in those benefitting.

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Are some psychometric assessments discriminatory?

Blog PostWritten by Sue Berry on 23rd August 2017. Revised 25th August 2017.4 min read

In May, a job applicant with Asperger Syndrome had her case upheld by the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT). Her treatment by the Government Legal Services amounted to indirect discrimination. She had been required to take a multi-choice situational-judgement test – a form of psychometric test - as the first part of the recruitment process. So does this mean that psychometric tests are discriminatory? Simply, no. But it does require that they are administered, managed and analysed correctly. Here's how.

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Stress in the Workplace

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 3rd May 2017. Revised 27th July 2017.6 min read

Stress seems to be the one word that reduces otherwise competent managers to gibbering wrecks. It's every manager's nightmare. There is a direct link between stress and long term sickness absence. And often stress issues become long term sickness absence. Act now. Here's how.

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Determining Personality Using Mr Men

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 1st May 2017. Revised 27th July 2017.5 min read

Timpson’s interviewers seek to determine which Mr Men character the candidate most closely resembles. Using personality as a criterion is valid but the Timpson method is likely far from accurate. Here's why.

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Employee Engagement is Good For Business

Blog PostWritten by John Berry on 5th May 2017. Revised 23rd July 2017.7 min read

Employee engagement occurs when an employee feels proud, is involved and feel empowered to make decisions. Employee Engagement is Good For Business. This blog first defines employee engagement. It then investigates how a manager sets about creating an engaged workforce.

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