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Difficulties in sub-contracting to suppliers under an Agile approach

Blog Post

Written by John Berry on 23rd August 2018. Revised 28th August 2018.

6 min read

Many software firms now use the Agile approach. But, arguably, it’s use is inappropriate when working with suppliers. In principle, there’s no actual reason why suppliers should not be engaged to do the work of employees under Agile, but care is needed to properly manage the work packaging and the supplier contract.

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What to do when your staff are moving home to Europe

Blog Post

Written by John Berry on 27th July 2018. Revised 17th August 2018.

5 min read

Employees from EU countries, now working in the UK, are letting their managers know that they intend to return home. Somehow, the UK’s not such a nice place today. And the problem nation they left all those years ago looks quite attractive now with significant economic growth and jobs. So, when your employees say “We intend moving back to our home”, here are your options.

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Managing the gig economy

Blog Post

Written by John Berry on 21st June 2018. Revised 15th July 2018.

7 min read

The gig economy describes the present state where workers need not necessarily be employed by a firm. They can be engaged for the duration of a ‘gig’, after which they stand down until needed again some time later. There can be advantages for managers to employ workers or the self-employed instead of employees. Read how.

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Setting incentivising commission payments

Blog Post

Written by John Berry on 14th May 2018.0

5 min read

Designing a sales commission policy and associated commission operating system to remunerate staff for sales performance is complex. The scheme must incentivise, and be fair to all. This blog considers some of the thinking that should go into incentive design.

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Culture Matters: Maximising People Contribution Through Collective Behaviour

White Paper

Written by John Berry on 5th May 2017. Revised 24th April 2018.

25 min read

The culture that exists within a firm will in the long run make or break it. This paper analyses culture. It first discusses culture as a concept. It looks at what part culture plays in our working life and how it affects the firm. It researches current thinking on culture. And finally it looks at how one might measure and where necessary change culture in a firm. The aim is to provide practicing managers with a tool: something theoretically sound and something practical.

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Deterministic Recruitment: getting recruitment right first time

Blog Post

Written by John Berry on 31st May 2017. Revised 22nd April 2018.

3 min read

If a manager can express the traits and abilities of candidates such that search turns up truly viable candidates; if the search itself targets just the right people; and if selection tests for exactly what's needed, then the hiring manager avoids wasting everyone’s time and avoids reducing the firm's turnover and profits. It's deterministic recruitment: getting it right first time. Here's how.

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