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Discretionary Behaviours


Written by John Berry on 3rd May 2017. Revised 4th January 2019.

2 min read

Discretionary behaviour contributes positively to overall organisational effectiveness, contributing to operational and organisational outcomes. We explain what discretionary behaviour is. Behaviour sits between motivation and performance. If we are motivated, we behave in a particular way. That behaviour causes performance.

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The Business of Night Working

Blog Post

Written by Sue Berry on 1st October 2017. Revised 13th December 2018.

6 min read

Anyone working between 11pm and 6am on a regular basis is classed as a night worker. In the majority of cases their managers are day workers. So, how can this scenario ever work?

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Nightshift Sewing

Sustaining enterprise and asset value during company sale

Blog Post

Written by John Berry on 27th November 2018.0

6 min read

Some owners think of selling ahead of time and set dates and plans. Some get to a point where they’ve had enough. Others unexpectedly realise that the firm has huge value and decide to cash in while they can. And when owners elect to sell, everything happens quickly – and often without thought for the employees. This blog highlights actions to secure enterprise and asset value when selling a firm or its assets.

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About mercenaries and contractors

Blog Post

Written by John Berry on 19th November 2018. Revised 21st November 2018.

3 min read

Machiavelli talks captivatingly about mercenaries: as soldiers paid a stipend, they lack loyalty. He argues that the prince's own army progresses better. Arguments in favour of your own employees over those contracting for you transport well through time. Contractors enter an economic contract. Employees engage emotionally, commit for the long term and will add value.

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The case for using psychometrics

Blog Post

Written by John Berry on 31st May 2017. Revised 14th September 2018.

7 min read

This article makes the argument that since engineers are quick to adopt models of systems, engineering managers should be happy to adopt models of personal behaviour and with that the method of characterising personal traits and attributes within the science of psychometrics.
[Published February 2014]

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Group of employees

Is it right for employees to attend to work emails outside of work time?


Written by John Berry on 14th September 2018.0

1 min read

Many people work on emails when commuting. Are employees right to do this? Are managers right to expect it? John Berry recently appeared on BBC Radio Sussex, on the Neil Pringle show, to give comment and add to the debate. Listen again to the various respondent comments and John’s discussion on this complex topic.

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