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Are Leaders Born or Bred?

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 3rd May 2017.3 min read


Are leaders born or bred? It’s a persistent question. Some senior managers and policy makers believe absolutely that leaders are bred, that a leader must come from the right background. Others argue strongly that anyone can be made into a leader given the right training. So who’s right?

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What Title Should I Give My Sales Manager?

ArticleWritten by Sue Berry on 1st May 2017.3 min read


Job titles should show three things: position in the profession, knowledge about the domain and where the job fits internally. Using Sales Manager as an example find out why it is important to get the title right.

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The role of training in culture change

OpinionWritten by John Berry on 18th December 2017.4 min read

Group of employees

Whilst training interventions can indeed change the whole organisation, the culture change scenario differs from ‘normal’ training. ‘Normal’ training is in pursuit of change in competencies in individuals. Change in culture involves change in the way things are done in the organisation – the normative behaviour of all. Here's how they differ.

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How do I Write a Modern Slavery Statement?

ArticleWritten by Sue Berry on 30th April 2017.3 min read


The Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires businesses with over £36m global turnover to make an anti-slavery and human trafficking statement. Check out how this act might impact your own business. And find out what you need to include in your statement.

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Correctly Managing Disciplinary Action

White PaperWritten by Sue Berry on 6th May 2017.40 min read

red and yellow card

Disciplining staff is one of the key rights, and one of the key methods a manager has of effecting control of unacceptable behaviour. This right must however be used only when other management systems have failed.

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Just Reasonable Belief

OpinionWritten by Sue Berry on 2nd May 2017.4 min read

Stealing at work

The onus on a manager is not as burdensome as that required of a police officer. The manager’s right to act, to sanction or dismiss, is dependent on the manager having grounds for reasonable belief that the situation occurred. There is no need for proof beyond reasonable doubt or proof on balance of probabilities, just reasonable belief.

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