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Chapter 7: Working with technology – FREE DOWNLOAD

A complete guide to technology in business for new and experienced managers

Technology - AI, algorithms, computers and robots - enables business and will enable it even more in years to come. But how will technology affect staff, overheads, cost of goods and margins? It's complex and many managers will simply leave their fate to others.

This book chapter is for those who want to understand the interraction between technology and human competence and behaviour to yield organisational capability. It's for those who want to grasp and drive their firm's technological destiny.

We expect a lot from our staff. The environment in which we work is demanding. It’s not enough to be able to design solutions and write code. They must be able to manage both client and project to a satisfactory conclusion.

Lyle Jackson, Managing Director, White Kite Predictive

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Managers know that technology enables their business. But they have no way of coherently thinking about the balance between technology and people - should they employ more people or invest in more technology? Who knows - all firms are unique so there can be no generalised statement. Until now there's been no way of thinking about this duality.

But now this book chapter expresses a simple fromula that allows a manager to play 'what if' - what if I did invest here or there.