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How do I recruit the best?

16th June 2017
Workshop Presented by John Berry & Sue Berry

A workshop for managers who want to excel in recruitment.

Getting good staff is a perpetual problem for managers. In some disciplines like software engineering, there just aren’t enough good engineers in the labour market. This problem of how to recruit the best is not going to abate any time soon. This workshop discusses how managers should set about recruiting the best.

How do I excel at managing my people?

15th September 2017
Workshop Presented by John Berry & Sue Berry

Managing people is a challenge. For some managers, management is a calling. For others, it’s a necessary evil. Either way, competence in managing people makes the task easier.

But few managers are trained. And most want a quick introduction – to learn the concepts as a foundation for experience. Whilst management’s a big subject best learned on the job, those vital concepts that enable management excellence can be simply understood.

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How do I grow my people?

8th December 2017
Workshop Presented by John Berry & Sue Berry

Firms must innovate. Innovation yields competitive advantage: and opportunity for greater sales and profit. Innovation must be accompanied by personal growth for all staff.

But neither innovation nor growth will happen unless they’re encouraged. Method and structure is essential. Innovation and growth are continuous and would be nothing today without due consideration of how firms, jobs and people will be affected by technology. The workshop gives an overall understanding of people development.

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